Tatum now enables C# and PHP coded applications to quickly and easily add full-featured blockchain implementations, faster time to market and lower costs

Tatum now enables C# and PHP coded applications to quickly and easily add full-featured blockchain implementations, faster time to market and lower costs

Reduces blockchain application complexity and development from months or years of technical time to days for financial, contractual and Web 3.0 functions

LONDON and MIAMI, 25 January 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tatum, the company that drastically simplifies the development of blockchain applications, announced today that it now enables developers to quickly and easily add blockchain implementations to new or existing applications coded in the C# and PHP programming languages using blockchain development tools and frameworks. Tatum continues to support blockchain development in JavaScript and offers open source software development kits (SDKs) that any individual or organization can use for free.

Developers and companies, including fintech and Web 3.0 start-ups or those evolving from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, with little or no blockchain experience can now have full-featured blockchain implementations for applications, reducing technical time from months or years to a question of approx. days. Blockchain is increasingly critical to digital finance, non-Pivotable Tokens (NFT), smart contracts and Web 3.0 applications.

“While important, creating Web 3.0 applications and integrating existing ones with blockchains is difficult and time-consuming, requiring expertise that is currently in extremely short supply,” said Jiri Kobelka, co-founder and CEO, Tatum. “Tatum uniquely eliminates complexity while providing interoperability and scale, enabling everyday developers to create applications using blockchain quickly and easily.”

The Tatum platform simplifies the development of complex blockchain operations into single lines of JavaScript, C# or PHP application code or the integration of existing applications with blockchains, streamlining the entire Web 3.0 development process. From regular blockchain operations to those with powerful pre-built features like smart contracts, fee and payment solutions, real-time alerts, virtual accounts, right out of the box crypto-exchange functions and an unbreakable key management system, Tatum’s comprehensive and easy-to-use features can reduce development time by as much as 95%.

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Developers can download Tatum libraries from the Tatum website or GitHub and use it freely for their private or commercial projects. Tatum also offers hundreds of ready-made API-based tools and blockchain infrastructure (RPC nodes) for over 60 protocols. These are available through Tatum.io with a free plan for lower usage deployments, measured in requests per second and number of API calls. Higher volume and more data-centric applications are served through different customer levels.

PHP is the most widely used server-side programming language on the web, with over 77% of all websites relying on it to varying degrees, according to research website W3Techs. C# was among the four most in-demand programming languages ​​in 2022. JavaScript was the most in-demand. C# and PHP language support is now fully available at no additional cost.

About Tatum

Tatum offers the world’s first blockchain application development platform to increase the speed of creation, lower the barriers and reduce the cost of creating blockchain applications. Tatum enables greater functionality, portability, scalability and higher quality without requiring experience or expertise in blockchain development. The framework includes 60+ different protocols and integrates the use of APIs to fit into existing development processes. Founded in 2018, Tatum has over 130,000 customers and is adding over thousands of new ones every month. Tatum is the most widely used Web 3.0 development stack. Created as a global company, Tatum was founded in Czech Republic and has its official headquarters in the United Kingdom, with a corporate center located in Miami, Florida and offices worldwide.

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