Synalcom merges with FinTech Qori to launch Sylq

Synalcom merges with FinTech Qori to launch Sylq

By Leandra Monteiro


  • Cross-border payments
  • European dealers
  • France

Sylq, Synalcom Synalcom, one of the largest payment service providers, is merging with multi-channel payment platform startup Qori to launch Sylq.

Sylq is the result of the merger of two complementary companies, founded by renowned payment specialists, who combine extensive market experience and proven technical know-how.

Sylq’s mission is to simplify the everyday lives of French banks, merchants and European retailers, allowing them to focus on real value-adding actions for their business. From payment processing to terminal delivery and maintenance, all possible payment methods (multi-channel) and app engagement functions, Sylq offers an integrated payment service ecosystem, for France and across Europe.

Commenting on the merger, Tony Delalande, president of Sylq, said: “Synalcom has built a relationship of trust with banks and tens of thousands of merchants in France. In the French market, Sylq aims to help banks maintain their flows through our services and our technical platform in a logic where we want to participate in the preservation of the interests of French payment actors (Strategic Partners, Banks, Acquirers, Card Processors and e) commerce, integrators and retailers).

With this merger, Sylq offers its customers banks, partners, sellers, healthcare professionals, retailers, a unique service offering with integrated payments by card, instant transfer or crypto at payment terminals or on any Android or iOS terminal or mobile device, with Softpos. solution, whether for face-to-face, online or remote payment. This Sylq service offer is adapted and personalized to market segments: French banks, indirect partners, international brands.

Through Sylq, merchants currently served by Synalcom will have automatic and immediate access to a revolutionary all-in-one merchant payment platform that will enable them to create innovative and reliable customer experiences.

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Daniel Maurice-Vallerey, CEO of Sylqconfirmed, “This is one of the largest payments industry mergers in the recent industry. Positioned as a leader in the payments industry, Sylq has the technology, customer base, financial strength and leadership to provide European merchants with powerful solutions and unmatched implementation flexibility. Sylq offers European merchants three different types of payments, in-store and online, and increases reward engagement with an integrated solution, saving merchants time, efficiency and money.

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