SG digital agency GERMS launches free NFT art for National Day

SG digital agency GERMS launches free NFT art for National Day
SG digital agency GERMS launches free NFT art for National Day

Digital agency, GERMS is launches an NFT project on this year’s national day called “We Are SG” (WASG), which uses 9,822 NFT art collections for Singaporeans.The WASG project aims to be accessible and relevant to all Singaporeans, with NFT art (pictured above) depicting everyday characters and cultural traits familiar to them – on launch day, Singaporeans will be able to stamp this NFT for free.

According to GERMS, these NFT artworks will be revealed when minted on launch day, which is the August 2022 via, each individual Singaporean trait is created as a layer, and 9,822 artworks will be generated from a myriad of combinations of these layers. The WASG community will allow brands to deepen their connections with this vast base by engaging them in workshops or enrichment classes, offering select merchandise and hosting limited product drops.

How will the NFTs benefit local businesses?

According to GERMS, companies can use this new NFT project as an opportunity to target new audiences beyond their traditional marketing channels. GERMS has brought with it a broad group of support partners, from finance to food and beverage to fitness, to make this a unique gathering for Singaporeans – think coffee baroncle that has a Good Morning towel, lion dance, durians and Toto tickets. They include local banking giant UOB, F&B group Empire Eats, which operates brands such as Tanuki Raw, Standing Sushi Bar and Salmon Samurai, The Secret Mermaid and The World is Flat @ Jewel, Viu, a regional video streaming platform, fitness group True Fitness, as well dermatological dealer Bioderma.

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Furthermore, there are also a number of local brands taking part – including Singapore’s first wet plate photography studio Hip Xiong Photo Studio, fashion brand AKINN, wine retailer BoundByWine and NeueFit martial arts school.Moreover, Singaporeans can also access a wide variety of potential customers who want to learn more about their products and services. While the WASG community works with its partners to provide experiences and tactical offerings that are uniquely curated for Singaporeans.

GERMS wants to drive accessibility to audiences and brands currently in the web2.0 space to transition to Web3.0 through a more locally based project targeting only Singaporeans with benefits only for Singaporeans. Thus to ensure a high adoption rate and this project aims to bridge people and businesses in the Web 2.0 area to Web 3.0.

According to GERMS, while NFTs have been all the rage for the past two years, many Singaporeans simply see them as irrelevant digital art with no real use cases, according to the agency. It added that ano other opinion is that most NFT projects are either aimed at the global market or primarily aimed at early crypto adopters and players – there is also the issue of affordability, with popular projects skyrocketing to many times their launch price.

To educate Singaporeans about NFTs, GERMS has also created a series of simple step-by-step videos on the WASG website to help first-time NFT owners create a wallet and create their first ever NFT. Out of the 9,822, there will be a run of 12 very unique and limited NFTs with one-for-one moves.

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