Popular Blockchain Game Splinterlands Exclusively Announces

Popular Blockchain Game Splinterlands Exclusively Announces
Popular Blockchain Game Splinterlands Exclusively Announces

Media, Pennsylvania, Sept. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Splinterlands, the world’s leading blockchain video game company, today announced its newest NFT project, Runi, which will allow users to have their first opportunity to acquire and play with a unique NFT in the history of the game’s existence.

The Runi Project will launch on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) and will see the minting of 6,500 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which will allow ownership of unrepeatable digital products available for use in the Splinterlands game and on the Ethereum blockchain . Users who purchase NFT will be able to link their Ethereum wallet within Splinterlands to bet Runi. This process will allow the Runi owner to receive a unique profile picture of their Runi in the Splinterlands game, as well as use it as an exclusive in-game promotional card that can be used in matches. Each Runi consists of 6 unique properties that make up the core aesthetic of NFT.

Splinterland’s CEO, Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, sees this as an exciting next step for the company, which continues to see hundreds of new users sign up to Splinterland daily.

“We’ve always been forward thinking at Splinterlands and are constantly working to give our players the best gaming experience possible,” he said. “The minting of our latest Runi NFTs will allow us to continue to provide new and exciting user experiences, while also expanding the visibility of Splinterlands to the Ethereum chain. We couldn’t be more excited about this project and the groundbreaking cross-chain interoperability which will be introduced with the launch of Runi.”

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The Runi whitelisting process will go live on September 22, 2022, where users can reserve up to 3 Runi NFTs per wallet and receive a discount on the NFTs using $VOUCHER tokens. The option to whitelist will be available directly on the Splinterlands website. Then the NFTs will be available directly for purchase with $ETH on OpenSea in late October.

About Splinterlands

Founded in 2018 by friends Jesse “Aggroed” Reich and Matt Rosen, Splinterlands has since grown to become the leading blockchain game in the world. Based on fantasy-themed matches, the user base has grown over 2.4 million+ with almost 1 million active wallets, and the total transaction volume on the blockchain is approaching 5 million daily. Committed to Web 3.0 technology and its unique gameplay enhancements, Splinterlands allows players to trade, collect and win rewards in groundbreaking ways. The company offers a dynamic, growing community of international users from 149 countries speaking 10 languages, and continues its consistent expansion, regardless of the volatility of the broader cryptocurrency market. The game recently announced its significant milestone of 3 billion matches played since launch.

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