Penny Crypto DLANCE uses Blockchain to connect freelancers and recruiters

Penny Crypto DLANCE uses Blockchain to connect freelancers and recruiters


Penny Crypto DLANCE uses Blockchain to connect freelancers and recruiters

As the world becomes more connected, individuals are prioritizing the most effective channels to work from anywhere, anytime.

Although Upwork and Fiverr are popular freelancing platforms, they do not provide digital ownership and charge a high percentage of freelancers’ earnings as fees.

However, a new Web3 freelance solution, DeeLance, is looking to provide an agile, dynamic, secure and cost-effective way of working.

NFTs, decentralized labor market, Metaverse, the list goes on

DeeLance is a decentralized freelance and recruitment platform that seeks to create a smart way of working.

This ground-breaking platform uses blockchain technology to connect both freelancers and employers in a transparent and decentralized way.

While most crypto projects in the last couple of years have focused on creating Bitcoin and Ethereum wannabes, Deelance breaks from the norm.

The project offers an innovative recruitment platform that is agile, dynamic and cost-effective for employers to hire the best talent for their jobs.

In addition to being resistant to censorship, the DeeLance platform offers a number of features, with three key elements at its foundation.

One of these is the platform’s incorporation of a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, which enables freelancers to have complete digital ownership of their work.

This feature allows freelancers complete ownership and control of their work and content. They are also properly compensated without their ideas being stolen.

When ownership is transferred, the new recipient is designated as the owner, which is recorded in the blockchain.

Another important feature is its metaverse feature. This is a unique feature, as 3D immersive experiences are conspicuously absent from all traditional recruiting platforms.

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By harnessing the ingenuity of optimized virtual reality experiences, DeeLance takes collaboration between freelancers and employers to the next level.

Now freelancers and employers can work in real time and complete tasks with a more unified approach.

The last decisive pillar is the fee and payment methods. One thing that blockchain technology has done is provide more cost-effective ways of transferring value.

DeeLance also takes advantage of this low fee mechanism as freelancers receive a competitive 10% fee.

On the other hand, customers are charged only 2% in fees, making it the most work-friendly platform in the area.

In addition, payment is made using a highly secure escrow system verified with smart contracts.

Since smart contracts are self-executing, employers can easily get value for money when all specified parameters are met.

Meanwhile, freelancers can enjoy censorship-free digital payment as all payments are made with cryptocurrencies.

This way, they can reach a wider employment pool and get paid without having to own multiple bank accounts across different demographics.

Pre-sale period ongoing

To accommodate the seamless operational framework, the DeeLance platform is powered by $DLANCE, an ERC-20 token.

Currently, the token is available for presale for $0.038. This provides an opportunity for early investors to buy at a lower price and potentially earn over 5x their investment before the price increases to $0.043.

Furthermore, investors can get more than 20 times their initial investment when the digital asset is at $0.057 in the coming weeks.

The $DLANCE token has received a lot of attention during the presale, attracting savvy investors who want to be a part of the future of the smart workplace.

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The crypto token has raised over $1.23 million in a short time.

Meanwhile, several crypto-native companies are also making massive investments in the DeeLance ecosystem.

One such is Bitgert’s investment arm Bitgert Ventures, which has funded the decentralized recruitment platform with 1.12 million dollars.

Another notable partnership is a recent one involving DeeLance and Mises Browser, which will easily integrate the latter’s customer base into its next-generation freelancing platform.

The project’s massive appeal is not lost on many, leading to the question of whether the $DLANCE token could be a promising low-capital investment opportunity poised for explosive growth.

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Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency projects endorsed in this article are not financial advice from the publishing author or publication – cryptocurrencies are highly volatile investments with significant risk, always do your own research.


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