OneOf launches infamous BIG NFT collection

OneOf, the eco-friendly NFT platform bringing the music industry into the Web3, is preparing to launch one of its biggest drops yet, titled “The Sky’s the Limit: The Notorious BIG NFT Collection.”

To honor the influential rapper, Biggie Smalls’ fans can collectively license the audio recording of his famous “Fulton Street Freestyle” via nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Small’s record was recorded in Brooklyn at the age of 17, and has never been officially released or used by other artists.

Released as NFTs on the OneOf platform, the collection’s assets will be designed with 3D characters inspired by Biggie’s authentic style and uniqueness.

In 2020, a crown worn by the rapper in his final career photo shoot was auctioned by Sotheby’s in its first hip-hop auction. Now, enthusiasts and musicians will be able to obtain the license to use Small’s historic freestyle in their own soundtracks on July 26.

With the consent and oversight of Biggie’s collective and estate, his recording is approved for release on music streaming services when “featuring The Notorious BIG” is credited in the song title.

“Our platform puts fans in the driver’s seat of Biggie’s music and allows for endless creativity,” OneOf COO, Joshua James told Hypemoon.

In addition to the NFT release, a gamified virtual experience has been created for the project’s community called The Brook. All holders of the generative “Sky’s the Limit” NFTs will be guaranteed access to the platform, which will function as a “lifestyle, fashion, culture, music, entertainment metaverse experience” featuring the biggie’s new NFT character.

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Backed by producer Quincy Jones, OneOf’s platform is changing the way users interact with music. “Creating an NFT on OneOf’s platform uses up to 2 million times less energy than proof-of-work networks, and for users, buying NFTs costs $0 USD in blockchain gas fees,” explained James.

Specifically designed for artists and music enthusiasts, OneOf is a “diversity leader in the space, with over 80% of the collections on OneOf curated by minority or female creators,” said James.

It was believed that Biggie’s iconic freestyle would never be released until OneOf used Web3 in this project’s capacity. “Using OneOf’s platform has allowed us to honor and celebrate the legacy of The Notorious BIG through his music and to reimagine his iconic style,” James added.

OneOf has previously partnered with the Grammy Awards to generate its first NFT collection. Other successful musical collaborations include Warner Music, Whitney Houston and Doja Cat.

The platform is now expanding into sports with a recent Sports Illustrated partnership and hopes to continue to pioneer new digital experiences for fandom.

In other news, ‘Bored and Dangerous’ reinvents the way NFT projects use IP rights.

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