NFT artist Agoria will give fans ownership during the upcoming album launch

NFT artist Agoria will give fans ownership during the upcoming album launch

Marking his two-year journey in NFT art scene, renowned French DJ, producer and artist, Agoria, presents an unconventional token of appreciation to his fans and collectors.

The founder of record label Sapiens is offering a shared ownership interest in royalties from his upcoming record as a tribute to Agoria’s community, called “Agorians”.

“I thought about doing a piece for the community,” Agoria told me Decrypt. “I wanted to make something that was unifying. It’s a system that keeps going up. You have the impression that it is an infinite loop.”

The song has already received a warm welcome from the crowd in Ibiza.

“I started playing it and it went well,” Agoria said Decrypt. “I was glad that I made this piece from an arpeggio that I had been flipping through some time ago,” referring to the sound made when you play a single chord instead of hitting them all at once.

It will be launched during an official release party on June 7 at this year’s NFC Lisbon event in Lisbon.

To bring this project to life, Agoria teamed up with Bolero, a blockchain-based music platform, tapping into the project’s newly launched “Song Shares” feature. Fans who have an NFT-based song in their wallet will be able to earn rewards thanks to Bolero’s service.

“Our growth has accelerated since we launched Song Shares in late January,” said Bolero CEO William Bailey Decrypt. “We have already exceeded the numbers for 2022.”

A significant 90% of Agorian’s Song Shares are earmarked for the largest collectors of the musician’s NFT artwork on Ethereum and Tezoswhile the remaining 10% will benefit the song’s NFT holders.

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To claim their eligible royalties, individuals must first create an account on Bolero and link to their wallet.

“This shift towards traceability and redistribution has the potential to empower artists and creators by giving them a fairer and more direct compensation structure, ultimately transforming the dynamics of the music industry,” said Bailey.

“a pleasure to be part of this journey,” says Agoria

After venturing into the NFT space in 2021 and first minting artwork on platforms like Foundation, Agoria expanded its presence to platforms like OBJKT, SuperRare and others.

Through his exploration of the NFT medium, Agoria has cultivated a vibrant community of collectors who have embraced his distinctive artistic style.

Another fascinating aspect of Agoria’s creative process involves collaborating with researchers, particularly biologist Alice Meunier, to explore the intersection of music and neuroscience. By merging these disciplines, Agoria seeks to uncover the deep connection between sound and the human brain.

He also sees NFTs as a remarkable opportunity to communicate scientific discoveries to a wider audience. Agoria has also worked with artificial intelligence tools, and explored so-called biologically generative art.

For his exploration, his work has received considerable recognition in the art scene, cementing his position as a prominent figure in the NFT community.

“I have been amazed, even shocked, by the overwhelming enthusiasm and connections that this journey has made,” Agoria said. “People have exceeded my expectations, introducing me to a huge network including curators, museums, galleries and different platforms.”

To promote interaction within this community, he initiated discussions on Twitter and Discord with his community.

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“I decided to establish a connection between music and art, with the intention of repaying the support I received,” he shared Decrypt.

Reflecting on the transition to the digital art space, Agoria recalls his first encounter with a close-knit group of web3 enthusiasts during a gathering held in the southern French city of Arles, back in October 2021.

From that point on, his community saw steady growth, gathering an enthusiastic cadre of digital art and music lovers.

“I’m part of a lot of groups, and often conversations revolve around money,” says Agoria. However, I have noticed that our society is committed to real, long-term development. It is a pleasure to be part of this journey.”

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