New cryptocurrency DogeMiyagi and Bonafide Blockchain Avalanche carry the future of Web3

New cryptocurrency DogeMiyagi and Bonafide Blockchain Avalanche carry the future of Web3


Between Avalanche (AVAX) introducing subnetting in the blockchain space and DogeMiyagi (MIYAGI) launching on Ethereum (ETH) 2 since the Shanghai upgrade, web 3.0 has gone from strength to strength. It is clear why cryptocurrency and decentralized spaces are opening doors to the new age of the internet. Welcome to Web3!

New cryptocurrency DogeMiyagi and Bonafide Blockchain Avalanche carry the future of Web3

Avalanche: The Future of the Internet

Avalanche is a decentralized blockchain known for its speed and efficiency. It is often compared to Ethereum, that is, before the Ethereum network took on the Shanghai upgrade. Avalanche has an astonishing processing speed of over 6,500 transactions in a single second; the first version of the Ethereum network only allowed between 15-30 transactions.

Like many blockchain experiences, Avalanche also implements a proof-of-stake mechanism. This basically means that all users who stake the AVAX token on the blockchain can have a say in any changes that may occur in the Avalanche area.

Although already highly regarded for its speed, Avalanche has introduced a new way to make it even faster and potentially more efficient as well. Web3 has reached new levels with Avalanche’s GoGoPool. GoGoPool is designed to help blockchain projects create subnets.

This is essentially a blockchain within the blockchain. Subnets are useful for making networks more efficient; it’s a way to cut corners on transactional travel. Because transactions have less distance to travel, it inevitably uses less power, therefore making it more efficient.

When using GoGoPool, to stake the AVAX token, users will receive the ggAVAX token to represent their AVAX funds. GgAVAX is essential to expand the ecosystem built on subnets in the blockchain.

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New cryptocurrency DogeMiyagi and Bonafide Blockchain Avalanche carry the future of Web3

Could DogeMiyagi be the future of cryptocurrency?

DogeMiyagi wants nothing more than to prove why it’s more than just another meme cryptocurrency. Mr DogeMiyagi himself has put strategies into play to make a huge impact on the crypto market and decentralized finance areas. Mr. DogeMiyagi plans to approach the crypto market carefully and thoughtfully, while prioritizing his morals and beliefs. ‘First learn to walk, then learn to fly.’ So, in other words, slow and steady wins the race. The DogeMiyagi platform doesn’t feel the need to prove itself; the methods speak for themselves.

DogeMiyagi developed a strategy that prioritizes assessing the situation before diving in. After exploring a number of different dog meme currencies on the market, Dogemiyagi decided, like other digital currencies, to operate on the Ethereum (ETH) network. Since its creation, the network known as Ethereum has supported a wide range of digital currencies, and its legitimacy and reliability have long been proven. Mr. Dogemiyagi also applauds the Ethereum network for its environmental friendliness.

The Shanghai upgrade has opened up a whole new world for the Ethereum network. By switching from a proof-of-work consensus method to a proof-of-stake, the Ethereum blockchain has reduced its carbon footprint by an excruciating 99.5%. This is a great look for DogeMiyagi; by openly supporting Ethereum, it shows exactly what the DogeMiyagi brand is all about.

Overall, now that Avalanche (AVAX) is introducing Subnets, they are creating a whole new side to Web3 that has never been seen before. And as Ethereum (ETH) creates a greener space by cutting out proof-of-work mechanisms, this greatly benefits DogeMiyagi (MIYAGI). These are certainly some blockchain platforms and cryptocurrencies worth getting involved with.

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