New brand communicates blockchain power to help industry get to zero


The technology company Finboot is today unveiling its new brand.

The attractive new brand, including a new logo, with its green hue, and brand guidelines, is designed to reinforce Finboot’s key message that blockchain for businesses holds the key to reaching net zero, as well as supporting Finboot’s core values ​​of communicating in a clear, distinct manner. professional, informative, concise and engaging manner.

The new brand was rolled out across Finboot’s website and social channels (LinkedIn and Twitter) as well as internally on Tuesday 6 June 2023.

Juan Miguel Perez, CEO and Co-Founder, Finboot, says: “We decided to re-brand the business to help us communicate to our key stakeholders, including our existing and potential customers and our investors, that blockchain for business is a keystone in the bridge to net zero and a circular economy.

“While such creative assets are usually subjective, we hope people like our new branding and take from it blockchain’s ability to accelerate the drive to net zero and a more circular economic model.”

The World Economic Forum White Paper, Blockchain for Scaling Climate Action, published on Tuesday, April 25, 2023, stated: “Blockchain is a powerful tool that can add breadth and depth to climate mitigation and adaptation action by democratizing ownership, improving transparency and integrity, and enables real-time visibility in emissions reduction and sequestration work.” The World Economic Forum very clearly indicates that blockchain has an important role to play in measuring, tracking and setting ESG-related goals.

Paris Dufrayer, Finboot’s revenue manager responsible for sales and marketing, made it clear “This brand evolution reflects the company’s commitment to circularity, sustainability and technological innovation, all of which are values ​​and goals we share with our customers.”

At Finboot, we believe in the power of transformation. Our brand is evolving to fully embrace sustainability and support businesses in their transition to a circular economy. It’s time to challenge the status quo and think differently, that’s why we’re rebranding ourselves.”

Finboot’s client SABIC has reported reduced costs, time and improved data integration for all value chain partners in its third quarter 2022 highlights and 2022 annual report (pages 38 and 50). SABIC has also produced a short video entitled Using Blockchain to Deliver Sustainable Packaging.

The new brand, according to Flávia Sales, Marketing Specialist, represents several key concepts: “We are excited to unveil our renewed brand, which embodies our core values ​​and commitment to sustainability.

First, it represents the adoption of circularity and sustainability as fundamental principles. Second, the integration of natural green tones reflects a deep dedication to environmental protection. Third, the brand maintains its emphasis on technology and blockchain to develop innovative solutions. Finally, modernizing the identity sets the company apart, establishing a unique and distinctive presence in the market.”


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