Nansen reveals the identity and blockchain data of a Three Arrows (3AC) victim.

Nansen reveals the identity and blockchain data of a Three Arrows (3AC) victim.

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More details have continued to be unveiled in the wake of the Three Arrow Capital (3AC) collapse.

In accordance a report published by blockchain analytics firm Nansenthe identity of a notorious whale, who also suffered significant losses in the Three Arrow Capital case, has been revealed.

The Mirana Corp address (0x738505fa491c972a196582176685fc790d2bdda5) was included in the list of invalid 3AC creditors. The address, which belongs to Mirana Ventures, lost $13 million in the unfortunate 3AC collapse.

Details of the “infamous” whale

Nansen noted that attention was drawn to Mirana because the company’s website listed some well-known names as investments, including BitDAO.

Mirana also filed a lawsuit against 3AC in a Singapore court. Although Mirana’s website looks small, Nansen uncovered eye-catching information about the company’s network.

While Mirana’s current balance looks low, blockchain data shows that huge sums of Ethereum (ETH) have flowed out of the address in recent weeks.

The top recipient of Miranda’s outgoing fund is a large DEX trader who has received over 61,000 ETH since the address was created.

Interestingly, the heavy DEX is a counterpart to 69secrets.eth. 69secrets.eth is known as a protagonist in some of the biggest cryptocurrency farms and carpets of the past year.

“Note that the chain of counterparties here is not ironclad, but it’s pretty close – hundreds of millions in ETH and stables flowed between these addresses without any clear ‘exchanges’, indicating no OTC activity or the like,” Nansen said in its report, adds:

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“I think it’s a fair guess that all three are owned by Mirana and that many of the other counterparties are also worth a look to get a clearer picture of their holdings, which I would estimate to be worth at least half a billion.”

Three Arrow Capital’s collapse

3AC is one of the cryptocurrency hedge funds that went bankrupt this year. The company, which at one point claimed to manage over $10 billion in crypto, is considered to have crashed due to a self-inflicted crisis following an uncontrolled decision-making process.

After the company crashed, 3AC’s founders went into hiding, claimed they were threatened by investors who suffered huge losses.

3AC is facing a number of lawsuits which investors look to be compensated.

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