MoonWin Launches Revolutionary Crypto Gaming Platform

MoonWin Launches Revolutionary Crypto Gaming Platform

ODESA, UKRAINE, March 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MoonWin, a new Web3 gamified platform, brings innovation to the online gaming world by providing players with a brand new and exciting gaming experience. The platform is designed to offer fair and transparent gaming, leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology. MoonWin is a decentralized application (dApp) that enables users to play a provably fair game of chance using Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF).

MoonWin Launches Revolutionary Crypto Gaming Platform

MoonWin is a game changer in the Web3 gaming world, giving users a whole new way to play online. The platform gives players the opportunity to play against a smart contract, giving them assurance that they will not be cheated. With MoonWin, users can bet from the liquidity pool, play dice or take advantage of the Influencer program, which rewards users for referring others to the platform.

MoonWin: Key deviation from other crypto gaming sites

MoonWin was created to provide users with a set of working tools to make profits every minute. The entire MoonWin ecosystem is completely secure and free of the human factor, since all operations inside the dApp are performed by a smart contract.

Thus, the main features that lie at the core of the MoonWin crypto platform are as follows:

  • Playing against a smart contract: It is Moonwin’s biggest distinguishing feature, which sets the dApp apart from hundreds of others. The smart contract involves 100% decentralized play in every stake, placing the platform and users on the same level. The transparent protocol defines the winner and sends money to the player’s address.
  • Starting as a liquidity pool provider: Bet on one of three main cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, BNB and Polygon’s MATIC (more TBA) and bet against the liquidity pool. In case you win, the smart contract subtracts the sum of the prize from the pool or replenishes it in case of loss.
  • MoonWin DAO and $MWIN Native Token: MoonWin’s next step will be to launch its DAO to vote for and reward each community member with MoonWin’s ERC-20 token $MWIN, which will also be rolled out shortly.
  • MoonWin Influencer Program: It is a beneficial option for influencers who want to benefit from their following thanks to a decentralized referral system. The personal price will depend on the influencer’s popularity and the referred users’ gains/losses. This feature is also right around the curve of MoonWin’s extensive roadmap.
  • Playing Dice: MoonWin has taken good old dice to a new level, paying off every tiny bit of effort. More fun and more captivating games will be announced soon.
  • Super fast registration: To start betting with Moonwin, all you need to do is connect your Metamask wallet. Thus, neither personal data nor time-consuming authorization procedures await MoonWin users, but the thrill of crypto gaming and huge winnings.
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MoonWin currently offers a fair dice game with Ethereum, BNB, MATIC and several other digital currencies, including MoonWin’s governance token, with more to come soon. The platform also provides super-fast registration, where users only need to connect to the Metamask wallet to get started.

The team behind MoonWin consists of crypto enthusiasts and innovators who are dedicated to providing users with a unique gaming experience. They have created a completely secure and human factor-free ecosystem, with all operations performed by a smart contract.

MoonWin and the future of Web3 Gaming

The advent of blockchain has revolutionized the world of online gaming, bringing a number of benefits including fairness and transparency. The launch of MoonWin comes at a time when the Web3 ecosystem is experiencing a thaw following a continuous crypto winter in 2022. The platform is well positioned to capitalize on the growing popularity of Web3 gaming, providing users with a new and exciting way to play. Online. With the launch of MoonWin, users can experience the full potential of Web3 gaming. As the realm of Web3 gaming continues to grow, MoonWin is at the forefront of the industry, providing reliable and innovative gaming solutions to users worldwide.

MoonWin’s team is excited to be a part of the Web3 ecosystem and sees a bright future for the platform. “Blockchain has already changed and will continue to change the world of iGaming, spreading the benefits of Web3 all over the Internet. Every day, minute and second, both small firms and supermassive platforms are jumping into Web3’s fast-moving train, which is only gaining momentum “, said a spokesperson for MoonWin.

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To start betting with Moonwin, users only need to connect to the Metamask wallet, which allows them to bypass personal data or time-consuming authorization procedures. The platform offers super fast registration and a thrill of crypto gaming and huge winnings awaits MoonWin users.

Overall, MoonWin is an ambitious and cutting-edge platform that is set to redefine the online gaming sphere. With fair and transparent gameplay, innovative features and user-friendly interface, MoonWin is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to experience the full potential of Web3 gaming. To learn more about MoonWin and get started, visit the platform’s official website and connect your Metamask wallet. Join the revolution and take your online gaming experience to the moon with MoonWin!

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