Meta Resorts LLC merges blockchain technology and real estate industry

Meta Resorts LLC merges blockchain technology and real estate industry

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 22, 2022 / As the world becomes more driven by technology, the integration between the digital space and the real world economy becomes inevitable, and Charlie Rothkopf takes the lead in merging web3 with real estate.

Meta Resorts Inc, Wednesday 23 November 2022, Press release image

Meta Resorts Inc, Wednesday 23 November 2022, Press release image

Charlie Rothkopf is the idea behind it Meta Resorts LLC, a thriving luxury resort and residential brand focused on merging real estate ownership with web3 technology. Meta Resorts LLC doubles ownership of its NFTs with exclusive rights to a property in the digital space, serving as the perfect gateway for owners and investors to use their crypto assets to own physical real estate properties worldwide. The Meta Resorts project takes NFT ownership and cryptocurrency to a whole new level, setting the bar higher for the entire web3 space.

Meta Resorts LLC specializes in creating tokenized real estate assets for various reasons – sell real-world properties, raise funds for various real estate development projects, and provide landowners with the ability to sell a large number of properties on one platform. With its NFT collection, Meta Resorts LLC allows investors to raise funds for their desired real estate projects by tokenizing their assets and trading their NFTs across secondary markets, all while leveraging the benefits of its innovative DAO structure, to ensure guaranteed deals, regardless of their investments. Whether an investor puts in $5 or $5 million, they are guaranteed to receive a piece of the deal, ensuring that everyone wins in making money from the platform.

Meta Resorts LLC uses data-driven strategies to provide investors with alternative investment opportunities to generate income and increase the attractiveness and market value of their properties without charging any investor fees, a game-changing strategy Charlie developed himself.

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With his background in tokenization, blockchain development and metaverse integration, the co-founder aimed to create one of the largest networks of investors and real estate developers through web3 technology, an ambitious vision no one has fulfilled before. Together with his team, Charlie is determined to provide safe and beneficial real estate deals for anyone interested in luxury real estate, while entering the world of crypto-technology, killing two birds with one stone, driven by a vision to make a lasting impact .

Charlie has been honing his passion for technology and entrepreneurship since high school. In 2016, he built Rothkopf Enterprise and eventually became CEO of Vision Group LLC, one of the top full-service blockchain development firms specializing in metaverse integration. As CEO, Charlie continued Vision Group’s mission to showcase the enormous potential of using blockchain technology and expanded his role in the growth and future of the firm. He has spent the last decade building his network and exploring projects in the digital space, particularly on blockchain technology. Merging all of his experiences, Meta Resorts LLC now serves as the culmination of his genius.

Many years later, Charlie remained enthusiastic and fascinated by the revolutionary role technology is playing across industries. Meta Resorts LLC is another milestone for him to better empower the rest of the world by using the power of technology.

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