Megafans launches new NFT collection for esports players and collectors

Megafans launches new NFT collection for esports players and collectors

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 15, 2023 / MegaFans, the world’s first esports gaming platform, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3, announces the release and launch of its first Initial Non-Fungible Token Offering (INO) with pre-mint orders opening on March 15th, which will feature a new themed art collection. after the esports characters called Gamer Girlz, who will earn in game currency through a smart contract, from esports tournament players. The company also released a new website and revamped social media channels on Twitter and Discord to announce INO and pre-mint orders.

Megafans' Gamer Girlz NFT Collection
Megafans’ Gamer Girlz NFT Collection
Megafans’ Gamer Girlz NFT collection earns in-game tokens from Esports tournaments.

The new and improved website,, will feature information about the company’s upcoming initial non-fungible token (NFT) offering, scheduled to open for pre-minting on March 15 of this year. People will be able to see sample previews of the artwork, navigate MegaFan’s social media channels, learn about the unique utility and features offered by the NFT collection, and finally be able to stake and trade the NFTs for rewards on the site, including cryptocurrencies, merchandise, events and tournament contributions and more.

The NFT collection contains 5,000 manga-style artworks, representing Gamer Girlz characters as profile pictures (AKA picture for proof or PFPs) from their multi-platform esports space called MegaFans MegaVerse. The NFTs have a unique smart contract tool that automatically earns owners in the game’s currency called MFANS, based on a percentage of the rake from entries to their esports tournaments. More information can be found on the MegaFans website (

MegaFans has been building and publishing esports based casual games since 2019. They have successfully integrated their esports tournament system into five game titles and published them on the biggest app stores in the world – Apple, Google, Huawei and Samsung.


An infrastructure platform for game and metaverse developers, Megafans offers custom software as a service (SaaS) with their esports software development kit that creates live in-game tournaments and generates revenue, increases retention and player lifetime value (LTV), the ultimate key performance. indicator for gameplay.

MegaFans is building the world’s first mobile esports community using blockchain, crypto and non-fungible tokens (NFT) in a play-to-win environment for players, collectors and developers. To learn more, visit To download games, visit

MegaFans (Massive Esports Gaming Fanatics) is building the world’s first esports community using blockchain products, cryptocurrency and NFTs in a win-win environment for players, collectors and developers, where 3.2 billion daily active users can play, compete, win rewards and share their interests. MegaFans offers turnkey solutions for game publishers that increase revenue generation and retention by enriching the player experience and their communities. MegaFans’ mantra is “Esports for All!”, focusing on underserved and emerging markets and people around the world. They use a leaderboard format that features multiple tournaments at the same time, for an infinite number of players globally, regardless of skill level or geographic location. Links to MegaFans’ social media and company channels can be found at

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