Mailchain integrates with Tezos Blockchain to revolutionize Web3 communication

Mailchain integrates with Tezos Blockchain to revolutionize Web3 communication


Mailchain has announced that it has integrated with Tezos, driving the global blockchain network towards a new era of web3 communication.

This partnership has the potential to significantly improve communication in the Tezos ecosystem, consolidating its reputation as a dynamic environment rich in diverse decentralized applications (dApps) and services.

The collaboration between Mailchain and Tezos aims to empower the Tezos community, including projects, artists and creators, by providing them with a private and secure platform for communication using their web3 identities.

Unify the Tezos ecosystem under one inbox

Mailchain’s integration allows Tezos users to leverage their blockchain addresses and identities, including Tezos addresses and .tez domains. By consolidating these identities into a unified inbox, users will never miss an update and can easily communicate using their various identities, adding unprecedented utility to Tezos domains.

Simplifying dApp development with the Mailchain SDK

Developers have a lot to look forward to with this partnership. The integration comes with Mailchain’s Software Development Kit (SDK), which enables developers to easily integrate web3 communications into their Tezos dApps. This will help foster stronger relationships within the Tezos community, contributing to the network’s robustness and growth.

Mailchain: Guarantees secure and user-friendly communication

With Mailchain handling features for identity, addressing, encryption and send-receive, users can be assured of the privacy and security of their communications. The user experience remains seamless and efficient, thereby removing barriers that often hinder the widespread use of blockchain technology.

Bridging the gap between blockchain domains

The implications of this partnership are not limited to the Tezos ecosystem. Mailchain’s integration extends communication to other web3 chains and name services. As a result, a .tez domain can interact directly with domains such as .eth, .lens, .near, .bnb, .arb and more. This has the potential to drastically expand the horizons of web3 communication and promote inter-blockchain collaboration.

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Leverage the development potential with the Mailchain SDK

Mailchain’s SDK comes with a number of tools to simplify the integration of secure communication into dApps. Developers can use just a few lines of code to access important features such as name resolution, signing, verification, encryption and decryption of messages. This gives developers the opportunity to effortlessly enhance their applications’ communication capabilities.

Mailchain’s integration with Tezos opens up a world of possibilities for the future of decentralized communication. With improved security, user-friendly applications and inter-chain communication, Tezos is on its way to redefining the way we perceive and use blockchain technology.

To learn more about incorporating Mailchain into your project and explore the potential of decentralized communication on Tezos, visit the Mailchain blog. This partnership provides an exciting opportunity to shape the future of web3 communications – a future where privacy, security and efficiency are paramount.


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