John Askew, Quenton Brown and Jawed Halepota join Upstream’s expanding NFT network

John Askew, Quenton Brown and Jawed Halepota join Upstream’s expanding NFT network
John Askew, Quenton Brown and Jawed Halepota join Upstream’s expanding NFT network

Upstream Announces Expansion of Athlete and Brand Recruiting Team for NFT Market

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 27, 2022 / Upstream, the revolutionary trading app for digital securities and NFTs powered by Horizon Fintex (Horizon) and MERJ Exchange Limited, today announced that John Askew, COO and part owner of the Primetime Basketball League, and Liquid Royalty co-founders Quenton Brown and Jawed Halepota, has joined Upstream’s growing sports and entertainment division. John, Quenton and Jaweds’ networks and experience provide Upstream with an expansive pool of potential clients across sports, media and entertainment.

John Askew; Senior VP Client Relations

John Askew is the current COO and part owner of the Primetime basketball league and works as a producer alongside big names in the entertainment industry. As a former professional athlete, John has built a strong network of people in the professional sports industry who have assisted him in his role as a consulting talent agent, working with over 50 musicians, actors and actresses in job placement.

“Being on both the sports and business side of the sports and entertainment industry has given me first-hand insight into athlete and brand needs,” says John Askew. “Upstream’s combined fan engagement and monetization solution is the blueprint for entering the Web 3.0 space safely, easily and innovatively.”

Quenton Brown; Division manager for sports and entertainment

As the founder of BAG, a sports and entertainment consulting company, Quenton Brown has established himself as an industry pioneer, catching the attention of Forbes and many others. His work with BAG has created an ecosystem for athletes and entrepreneurs at all levels. From high school to the professional world, BAG works with its clients at the highest level, equipping them with opportunities that translate into life and business. Quenton comes from a family of education and entertainment, which is why he has business degrees and sports management experience. Playing collegiately and professionally in the NFL also helped shape his career.

“As a former professional athlete, I understand how important it is to build a sense of community among audiences and fans,” says Quenton Brown. “That’s why I was drawn to Upstream; their goal is to put control back in the hands of performers and provide the tools to build a unique presence and community.”

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Jawed Halepota; Division manager for sports and entertainment

Recognizing the growing need for chefs in professional athletes, New York native Jawed Halepota founded Baller Food in 2015. The company is his answer to meeting that deep industry need. Under his leadership, he and his team of chefs have clients throughout the NFL and NBA. The remarkable track record and demonstrated work positioned Jawed as a leader as he fosters mutually beneficial relationships and normalizes the relationship between professional athletes and chefs. Baller Food has given Jawed the opportunity to build an extensive network within professional sports and entertainment’s most powerful circles and organizations. Jawed is a proud Alum of St. John’s University and the Institute of Culinary Education.

“Upstream’s methodology for NFTs and digital collectibles offers large and personal brands an innovative and user-friendly way to integrate Web 3.0 into their digital marketing strategies,” says Jawed Halepota. “We are at the forefront of bringing these unprecedented capabilities to the masses and are excited to begin sharing the upcoming projects we have already begun working on. We are pushing to establish the industry standard for wearable digital assets. Athletes and organizations are already implementing efforts for brand engagement that Upstream’s capabilities are built to seamlessly integrate into and immediately add value to.”

“John Askew, Quenton Brown and Jawed Halepota bring invaluable expertise and strategic introductions to Upstream,” said Upstream Co-Founder Mark Elenowitz. “Upstream has spent the first few months post-launch building an incredible strategic ecosystem to bring next-level digital collectibles (NFTs) to market; these latest additions will push this initiative even further.”

John, Quenton and Jawed join our growing community of sports, music and entertainment heavyweights including NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins, NFL Hall of Famer Edgerrin James, Antrel Rolle, Beatclub/Timbaland, BRON Studios, Ruffnation Entertainment and more. Parties interested in integrating digital collectibles (NFTs) into their brands on a regulated exchange with no gas fees, no upfront costs and no blockchain knowledge required, all on a carbon neutral platform, can learn more at or reach the team at [email protected].

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About Upstream:

Upstream, a MERJ Exchange Market, is a fully regulated global exchange for digital securities. Powered by Horizon’s proprietary matching engine technology, the platform will enable investors to trade NFTs, IPOs, crowdfunded companies, US and international. shares and celebrity bets directly from the app: Interested issuers can reach the team at [email protected]

About MERJ:

MERJ Exchange (MERJ) operates Upstream as a fully regulated and licensed integrated securities exchange, clearing system and depository for digital and non-digital securities. MERJ is an affiliate of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), recognized by HM Revenue and Customs UK, a full member of the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) and a qualifying foreign exchange for OTC markets in the US. MERJ is also a member of the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative. Visit to learn more.

About Horizon:

Horizon is a fintech company that builds and operates global securities exchanges with an integrated software suite for compliant issuance, administration and secondary trading of securities. Our in-house solutions combine Wall Street and Silicon Valley to power the next generation of securities offerings and trading in the US and globally. Learn more at

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*American investors are not allowed to trade in upstream listed securities. US and Canadian citizens will only be able to trade a security they currently own that is listed upstream for liquidation only.

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SOURCE: Horizon Fintex

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