Istanbul will host the first Blockchain metaverse Expo Fair in Turkey

Istanbul will host the first Blockchain metaverse Expo Fair in Turkey
Istanbul will host the first Blockchain metaverse Expo Fair in Turkey

Istanbul Fair Center will be home to the first Blockchain Technologies Expo in Turkey 22-25. December 2022. All players operating in the sector around the world will have their first chance to meet in Istanbul.

“Blockchain Expo World” will feature a unique event in the sector, bringing together all players in Metaverse, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, WEB 3.0, Mining, DAO, DeFi and GameFi and giving them a chance to hear from world-renowned speakers.

Turkey is enjoying rapid growth in the industry

Rapid developments in cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm, creating thousands of new areas for trade and dozens of new brands. Türkiye, after adapting to this recent change with lightning speed, quickly reached 4th ranked globally and 1st ranks in Europe with the volume to the market for cryptocurrencies. “Blockchain Expo World” will be a gathering for all brands, national and international, operating in this field. After its first event in Istanbul, Blockchain Expo World will continue to create waves in other countries.

“Blockchain Expo World” will break new ground as it will also take place live in a Metaverse universe. Built around the motto “a single fair in two different universes”, Expo will open its physical doors at the same time as its digital doors in a Metaverse universe for visitors who want to enjoy the event in this setting. This aspect will make “Blockchain Expo World” a pioneer in Turkey and around the world. Visitors from the four corners of the world will be able to pay a virtual visit to the Expo in a Metaverse universe.

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The expo will occupy an area of ​​3.9 acres spread over three halls in the Istanbul Fair Center (IFM). The huge space will be the perfect place for a great reunion of all relevant players in Istanbul, with audiences that especially include crypto-asset markets, cryptocurrency and blockchain solution providers, Metaverse technology business developers, crypto-asset mining companies, software companies using these technologies game development, fantoken infrastructure providers, conventional finance companies, Web 3.0 software developers and NFT marketplaces and aggregators.

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