IOTA: Shimmer introduces voting and NFT management with Firefly’s exciting new features

IOTA: Shimmer introduces voting and NFT management with Firefly’s exciting new features

  • The latest upgrade to the Shimmer Firefly wallet adds support for collectibles and voting.
  • Shimmer has introduced four new governance proposals for the establishment of the Shimmer Community Treasury Grant Committee.

In an interesting development taking place in the IOTA ecosystem, digital collectibles aka NFTs and governance support have finally arrived on the Shimmer platform. Shimmer is the Layer-1 staging network for the IOTA blockchain and serves as a test bed for new innovations within the IOTA ecosystem.

In an announcement on Thursday, March 16, IOTA’s native wallet Firefly announced the addition of support for collectibles and governance on the Shimmer network.

With the new Collectibles gallery, users will be able to easily view and manage their NFTs in the Firefly wallet. Thus, users will be able to exchange, create or burn NFTs directly through the Firefly wallet.

Likewise, the introduction of the governance tab allows users to vote on the latest proposals within the Shimmer ecosystem and even hold their own votes for the DAO community.

Apart from introducing collectibles and management support, the latest Firefly wallet version also brings some other important changes. Some of these include a fiat market conversion for the Shimmer blockchain; in-app version updates for the Mac and Linux platforms; clear balance sheet breakdown and effective storage provisions; burning unwanted native tokens; burn all unwanted native tokens; as well as other improvements and corrections.

The Shimmer Governance proposals

Starting today, March 16, users on the Shimmer blockchain can vote on governance proposals. With the latest update, users can also vote directly from the Shimmer Firefly wallet. Here are the four major Shimmer governance proposals currently open for voting:

  1. Proposal 1: Establish a community support committee to entrust support to the ecosystem projects as well as other initiatives.
  2. Proposal 2: Determine who will be the full-time head of the grants committee and who is eligible to receive grants from the Shimmer Committee’s treasury.
  3. Proposal 3: This proposal involves the selection of the Grant Reviewer for the Shimmer Community Treasury Grant Committee.
  4. Proposal 4: This proposal is about establishing a Shimmer Growth Committee to effectively accelerate the growth of the Shimmer ecosystem. As Shimmer explains: “The Growth Committee does not seek to replace community-driven efforts, but to accelerate things and use every possible opportunity to grow Shimmer into one of the most attractive ecosystems for Web3 applications and builders”.

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As said, the latest Shimmer Firefly wallet comes with full management functionality. Here, users can choose how much voting rights they want to use for the management votes. Regardless of the voting power they have chosen, users can vote on the different governance protocols.

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Shimmer noted: “If you participate in the votes, the tokens will not leave your control and everything happens securely in your Firefly wallet”.

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