Immunify.Life is poised to transform global healthcare with real blockchain use cases

Immunify.Life is poised to transform global healthcare with real blockchain use cases
Immunify.Life is poised to transform global healthcare with real blockchain use cases

Immunify.Life leverages the fast, secure and cost-effective Cardano Blockchain to innovate the collection and delivery of patient data

Infections and diseases kill millions of people worldwide each year, but ineffective healthcare processes and policies also have a significant negative impact on patient outcomes. From patient relapse and delays in providing care to inaccurate patient data and misaligned incentives between various players in the healthcare system, the status quo is in serious need of redesign. With the security, reliability, privacy and cost-effectiveness of blockchain technology, Immunify.Life is a transformative app that tackles these challenges head-on. Read on below to learn more about how the Immunify.Life project is poised to become the effective health app the world needs today.

Understanding the global health landscape

According to official reports, HIV has been the world’s biggest infectious disease for the past 10 years. About half of all donor funding in the healthcare system is for HIV. However, other health problems can be just as deadly. For example, opioid addiction costs the United States $1 trillion each year, and over 91% of those who recover are expected to relapse. Also, about 250,000 people are killed in the United States alone due to medical errors, including data and procedural errors. Over six million people have been killed around the world by the COVID pandemic, but vaccination rates in many localities remain low. Fake vaccines and certificates are also widespread, and new strains originating from unvaccinated people can be even more deadly.

Although the global vaccination rate for COVID is about 65%, it is as low as 10% in some African countries, and sub-Saharan Africa is already inundated with more than its fair share of other health challenges. For example, Kenya has 3rd-the highest burden of HIV patients in the world, and 30% of HIV-positive adult patients and 40% of HIV-positive child patients in the country do not take their life-saving medicines.

These facts paint a strong picture of the challenges facing the global healthcare system. Data sharing and collaboration is fragmented; patients often have no incentive to receive treatments otherwise available to them; fraud and corruption can seriously hinder health work in various regions; and a lack of education—for patients, caregivers, and decision makers—can also lead to suboptimal health outcomes.

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Immunify Ecosystem

The Immunify.Life healthcare ecosystem was designed from the ground up to combat these challenges.

Blockchain technology has proven to be a revolutionary new technology that can secure data, ensure data privacy, and collect and deliver accurate data to those who need it in near real time. Furthermore, by combining blockchain-based token rewards into healthcare workflows, we can design systems and work with capabilities that can drastically improve healthcare processes while reducing costs, ensuring engagement and ensuring that all relevant data is accurate and reliable – a critical component of understanding disease , infections and unique patient histories so that the treatment can be provided as optimally as possible.

The Immunify.Life ecosystem consists of three key elements. The first is a doctor app to capture patient data in real time. The other is a patient’s app for KYC and receiving token rewards for completing or complying with treatment regimens. The third is the IMM token reward system that uses smart tokenomics and incentives to improve patient behavior while allowing for data sampling that can drive decision making.

The application is fully developed and ready to deploy and has been built in partnership with Hexaware, a billion dollar technology company.

Real-World Applications and Use Cases

In August, Immunify. Life will launch a scientific study to demonstrate how IMM tokens can be used to get discontinued patients back on treatment. The study is conducted in collaboration with Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST), the premier science, technology and innovation university in Kenya. During the study, the Immunify.Life app will be used to facilitate data capture and data consolidation to evaluate the effect of token rewards on the compliance rate of previously discontinued patients. The ultimate goal is to empower patients, communities and entire countries because HIV-positive patients will be encouraged to adhere to their prescribed treatments thanks to Immunify crypto token rewards that they receive via their mobile phones. These tokens can be redeemed for local currency through the Immunify.Life patient app.

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This study will look closely at the relationship between incentives in the form of IMM tokens and the use of paperless systems on HIV treatment outcomes in Kakamega County, Kenya, which is where MMUST operates its largest campus.

Immunify.Life is also working with SOH, a New Mexico-based organization to trial rehabilitation programs that dramatically reduce relapse rates in opioid patients. The Immunify.Life team also tested the platform’s technology in Cameroon in 2021 and has received regulatory approval for the trial of vaccination certificates in three clinics in Zambia. Immunify.Life is also in discussions with Konkola Copper Mines Plc (KCM), one of the world’s largest copper mining companies, to roll out its platform to its employees.

The opportunity

The opportunity here is not just to transform global healthcare, reduce inefficiencies and save lives. For VCs, partners and even retail investors, Immunify.Life is a gem in the ongoing bear market because it is a real project with real traction in Kenya, Zambia and the US. Many crypto projects are built on hype and speculation, but Immunify.Life is built on real value. The addressable market for this opportunity is also huge since the cost of the world’s global health problems (including but not limited to treatments for HIV, opioid addiction and COVID) is in the trillions of dollars. There is also the strong potential of the IMM tool as a long-term investment opportunity that should not be overlooked by interested parties and partners.

For NGOs, Immunify.Life is also a remarkable opportunity because the platform is a worthy health partner and provides a new way to address the world’s most challenging problems that hinder the effective delivery of health services in emerging countries. It can deliver granular data in real time and uses an innovative token-based incentive system to drive positive behavioral change and can become the blueprint for campaign and policy rollout in the countries and localities that need this change most.

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Under the hood

The platform’s partners – Cardano and World Mobile – form Layer 0 in this real-fi movement, while Immunify.Life will be a basic Layer 1 app. A real utility layer consisting of medical records, points and currency sits on top of the base layer. Layer 1 apps on Cardano will increase the use of both blockchain and digital identity solutions, and successful Layer 1 apps like Immunify.Life will be the reason people adopt and access such technology (in case Immunify.Life will this be via World Mobile phone).

Using the Cardano blockchain, Immunify.Life will provide fast transaction speeds, low transaction costs, and will have low energy costs thanks to Cardano’s proof-of-stake consensus protocol. Furthermore, with globally recognized partners such as MMUST, SOH, AMPATH, which is a US-funded NGO focusing on HIV initiatives, as well as State of the Heart, which is a foundation working in the area of ​​opioids, and Flutterwave and Flux, such as Immunify. Life is the fiat gateway for redeeming rewards in 33 countries and boasts $2 billion in annual transactions. .

There is a concrete tool and need for a solution like Immunify.Life. It is an application that will save lives on a global scale. It is not like most projects that are solely based on the blockchain and operate in the virtual world. Immunify.Life currently operates in several countries in different global regions, and is actively working to address various health issues faced in these regions. is not only an online project but also has real world applications.

These opportunities would not be possible without blockchain technology, nor would they be possible without the right strategic partners, advisors and supporters. With years of relevant industry expertise, a rollout-ready app and an important opportunity, Immunify.Life is perfectly positioned to start a healthcare revolution that will save countless lives for years to come.

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