Hyperchain technology debuts at InnoEX, kicking off its Blockchain expansion tour abroad

Hyperchain technology debuts at InnoEX, kicking off its Blockchain expansion tour abroad

HANGZHOU, CHINA – Media OutReach – April 20, 2023 – From April 12 to 15, InnoEX was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This year’s show focused on smart city, digital business, artificial intelligence and other important technology areas in Hong Kong, with leading companies from various industries showcasing diverse innovative solutions. HYPERCHAIN ​​​​TECHNOLOGY, one of the leading blockchain unicorn companies in China, took an important step to expand its blockchain business abroad by making a big appearance at InnoEX.

“2023 is a crucial year for HYPERCHAIN ​​​​TECHNOLOGY’s globalization setup. And Hong Kong, as an international financial and innovation and technology center, provides strong support for the internationalization of the company. The innovation and technology show is not only a valuable opportunity for the company to showcase its advantageous business, but also an important window to know the international market, which gives us fresh and flexible ideas to optimize our overseas business.” According to Su Ziqian, CFO and General Manager of the Hong Kong Branch of HYPERCHAIN ​​​​TECHNOLOGY, the Hong Kong Branch of HYPERCHAIN ​​​​TECHNOLOGY was recently approved and settled in Hong Kong, and the innovation incubation projects were landed at the same time, officially starting the brand’s travel abroad. She also said, in the next few years, HYPERCHAIN ​​will take the Hong Kong branch as its overseas market base to expand its business in smart city, energy transformation, carbon asset trading and financial services.

Since its establishment in 2016, HYPERCHAIN ​​​​TECHNOLOGY has been committed to accelerating the digital transformation of companies and the public sector. The blockchain technology and solutions cover a wide range of fields, and have now founded more than 200 typical applications, serve more than 300 core enterprises, support business scale of trillions of yuan, and serve hundreds of millions of people across China. At the company’s stand on site, a number of “star projects” caught the eye. “In the field of smart city construction, city-level blockchain infrastructure is a representative project that can provide two core services of data security sharing and digital identity under the premise of protecting the privacy of personal information. Based on the underlying blockchain infrastructure, we build a blockchain development service platform upwards and expand the ecological network through cross-chain collaboration to achieve synergy and process optimization of various businesses and industries, and contribute to building a smart city.” The scale supported by the facility is increasing every year, and by 2021, the amount of projects directly or indirectly driven by the city chain model will exceed 70% of the total business, Su Ziqian said.

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In the field of energy and carbon assets, HYPERCHAIN ​​​​TECHNOLOGY has also shown rich practical achievements. It is understood that HYPERCHAIN ​​​​TECHNOLOGY has provided technical support to the first provincial-level cooperation platform for pollution reduction and carbon reduction in China – Zhejiang Province, which aims to provide support tools for pollution management, carbon emission rights management and pollution reduction in businesses and carbon reduction services in the province. So far, the platform has provided integrated carbon and emission allowance management services for more than 1,600 enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and is expected to handle more than 200 million tons of carbon emissions, and will gradually cover more than 20,000 emission permit enterprises in the province.

Promote the circulation of data items, improve data credibility and improve data authentication…… At present, blockchain technology is constantly transforming into the “capillary” of digital society, invisibly constructing a series of intelligent and digital application scenarios. Su Ziqian said that the Hong Kong branch of HYPERCHAIN ​​​​TECHNOLOGY will actively embrace Metaverse, Web3.0 and other innovative industries, provide excellent services and support to global customers and partners, and promote digital transformation and change of the industry.

On the eve of the opening of InnoEX, the Hong Kong Web3.0 Association was officially established, of which Chen Chun, Chief Scientist of HYPERCHAIN ​​​​TECHNOLOGY, is the honorary president of the association. This has set up a solid “watchtower” for the company to travel abroad. “On the one hand, we will make the original achievements stronger and better at home, and continue to develop expansion projects in many provinces and cities. On the other hand, we will continue to flourish abroad and promote the deep transformation of blockchain achievements globally.” Su Ziqian said that the company will take this exhibition as an opportunity, and also take advantage of the driving role of the Web3.0 Association, so that the blockchain innovation achievements of HYPERCHAIN ​​​​TECHNOLOGY can go out of the country and provide a strong development momentum for the global digital era .

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