Humans.Ai unveils blockchain platform that powers AI-based applications

Humans.Ai unveils blockchain platform that powers AI-based applications

[gpt3]rewrite, a leading company specializing in blockchain and artificial intelligence solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its highly anticipated blockchain for artificial intelligence. The first blockchain platform globally is a system that enables the seamless deployment of artificial intelligence while being governed by an unprecedented framework of ethics and transparency.

According to Sabin Dima, founder and CEO of, blockchain offers the most appropriate structure to ensure ethical AI. The platform we offer includes important features such as scalability, security and decentralization, which are fundamental to facilitating the ability of AI systems to make fair and transparent judgments. Through the use of blockchain technology, we guarantee that AI applications comply with ethical and legal standards, while maintaining accountability, auditability and transparency. Dima stated that our innovative solution effectively addresses the common concerns related to AI development and innovation.

The primary network we have developed is intended to be able to scale, ensure security and be fully equipped to meet the growing demands of the AI ​​ecosystem to achieve the best possible performance. Dima expressed that they are looking forward to the live debut and are eager to receive valuable feedback from their experienced validators. The blockchain solution offered by is set to revolutionize the AI ​​execution, deployment and governance landscape by leveraging the potential of Web3. This development is expected to create a new creator economy that enables developers to take full ownership of their digital assets and monetize them in ways previously impossible.

Humans Blockchain of AIs is an innovative ecosystem that enables and empowers AI initiatives while promoting ethical transparency. Blockchain for AIs serves as a dynamic platform for AI researchers and developers, effectively connecting AI initiatives with practical applications that improve people’s lives and address real-world problems. The implementation of this blockchain technology brings forth a new era of monetization, with added benefits such as traceability, transparency and advanced data security. This paves the way for a thriving market for the acquisition and use of innovative AIs. The goal of is to address the ethical dilemmas surrounding artificial intelligence through the implementation of advanced management protocols.

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