How Crypto App’s Pro and Pro+ are revolutionizing crypto trading and investing [SPONSORED]

How Crypto App’s Pro and Pro+ are revolutionizing crypto trading and investing [SPONSORED]

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Investors and traders in traditional financial markets have long had access to a wealth of resources that provide reliable fundamental research, analysis and signals. These resources help provide transparency about the risks and prospects of taking positions in various stocks, bonds and derivatives.

But in the crypto market, an asset category that has only existed for barely over a decade, investors or traders are often left to their own devices, such as the whims of Crypto Twitter, to determine both the attractiveness of various token projects and when to place trades . While crypto has the potential for massive gains, this lack of reliable analysis often leads to uninformed decisions in crypto, which in turn lead to massive losses.

The best solution to this would be a comprehensive suite of tools that provide the most reliable fundamental and technical analysis of both the entire crypto market as well as individual crypto projects. Well, luckily, such an offer finally exists for crypto enthusiasts around the world: introducing Pro and Pro+ from the Crypto app.

Crypto App, the market leading crypto-focused utility app (4.4-4.7/5 stars over 84,000+ reviews) has been at the forefront of providing enthusiasts with the most trusted sources of information on cryptocurrency prices and market trends for years. With the launch of their new Pro and Pro+ subscription-based services, the Crypto app takes its mission a step further by offering a comprehensive suite of advanced tools and content designed to help enthusiasts make informed trading and investment decisions in the space.

To achieve this, the Crypto app has partnered with three leading crypto intelligence brands: IntoTheBlock, TradingViewand Messari. Through these partnerships, the Crypto app is able to offer a wide range of market insights, from sentiment analysis to fundamental research, at an unmatched value. Some of the features that make the Pro and Pro+ offerings so powerful include:

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Token calculations

Pro and Pro+ subscriptions include 21 proprietary signals and metrics, including sentiment analysis, designed to help users identify emerging crypto market trends and capitalize on attractive opportunities early. These calculations are driven by IntoTheBlockone of the most reliable data providers in the area.

Market measurements

Both Pro and Pro+ subscriptions also include 21 unique and actionable metrics on the crypto market, with a particular focus on Bitcoin and NFT-oriented areas. These analytics and chain signals, also powered by IntoTheBlock, provide cutting-edge insights that can help users identify key market shifts and make well-informed investment decisions.

Professional research

The Pro+ subscription provides exclusive access to professional research from crypto research leaders Messari. Messari’s in-depth coverage, professional analysis and long-form reports authored by expert, professional research analysts make all the difference when investigating the crypto space. The content provides unique, well-researched, fundamental insights on new and existing token projects and trends that can help investors find new opportunities in the space.

Advanced charts

Pro and Pro+ don’t stop with just basics and chain analysis. For users trying to identify the best entry and exit points for various positions and confirm both bear and bull trends, Pro and Pro+ also have a full range of advanced market and token based candlestick charts enhanced with technical indicators and integrations from TradingViewthe industry leader in mapping technical analysis.

Portfolio tracking

The app’s Portfolio Tracker is very valuable as it allows users to easily view data from all their self-custodial wallets and exchange accounts across multiple chains in a single comprehensive view. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to monitor and manage a user’s entire portfolio. The app’s Pro users have the ability to link up to 20 wallets and 15 exchange accounts to the tracker, while Pro+ users can link an unlimited number of wallets and exchange accounts.

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Real-time alerts

Personal alerts that update in real-time can be configured to activate when specified tokens meet certain criteria. These alerts help users spot fleeting opportunities and ensure important market movements are not missed. For advanced users, different alert categories are available, and Pro subscribers can set up to 150 custom alerts in the Pro tier (or up to 200 alerts in the Pro+ tier) at once.

Advanced widgets

Individual widgets give users quick access to real-time updates on key information related to specific tokens, portfolio fluctuations or market developments. Viewable on a user’s smartphone home screen and powered by the Crypto app in the background, these widgets guarantee that users stay informed about their investments and market trends.

In addition to all these insights-driven market-leading features, Pro and Pro+ users can also benefit from:

Currency and currency conversion pairs – Access to a wide range of trading pair data across multiple crypto exchanges, along with a comprehensive selection of crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat conversion pairs that can be used in the app’s built-in currency converter.

Exclusive partner offers – Exclusive discounts, special offers and benefits from leading crypto and non-crypto related digital services

Ad-free experience – Uninterrupted and clutter-free experience across all app features with elimination of ads

Given the unique combination of tools, analytics, and content features that the app’s Pro and Pro+ services offer, the most surprising feature of the offering may actually end up being the affordable price. Crypto App users can subscribe to the Pro level for $8.99 per month or the Pro+ level for $14.99 per month.

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Crypto enthusiasts everywhere are beginning to understand the tremendous value that Pro and Pro+ offer to empower intelligent investment and trading decisions in the crypto space. And consequently, these users spread the word.

Fortunately, anyone can easily download the app and try Pro or Pro+ for free for 7 days. With Pro and Pro+, it appears traditional financial professionals aren’t the only ones with access to tools to make intelligent trading and investment decisions; it has finally become easier for everyone to gain useful insights and make informed decisions in the crypto space.

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