Helping businesses accelerate blockchain adoption

Helping businesses accelerate blockchain adoption
Helping businesses accelerate blockchain adoption

Inbound, integrate, develop and scale your company with Rejolut’s Blockchain offering.

AUSTIN, Texas, 21 July 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aiming to make blockchain adoption universally available, Rejolut, an award-winning blockchain development company, offers professional blockchain and DLT solution consulting to startups and enterprises. As the truth about technology today is much more nuanced, it is clear that it enables organizations to practice strategic assessment. Blockchain is such an important technology, as it is essential to regulate and maintain administrative control in organizations.

The Blockchain expert have been working in the area for about three years and are quick to help their clients stay abreast of the ever-changing Web 3.0 ecosystem. Rejolut has completed over 50 projects and consulted over 10,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. With over 2 million lines of code deployed, Rejolut has 2 development centers with a robust global workforce of 75+ employees. During their time in the space, they have been associated with brands such as, MyearthID, CoinSwitch, CoinDCX, XeniApp and BlocKApps, among others.

Since contracts, transactions, and their records are among the basic structures that protect assets and set organizational boundaries, they are critical tools for maintaining organizational coherence. Rejolut’s blockchain development supports companies in doing just that. It helps build the infrastructure and platforms that power decentralized applications by identifying a problem, brainstorming solutions and choosing a platform that creates a proof of concept.

Rejolut uses the latest technology to build scalable blockchain products at lightning speed. With trusted network integration partners, Rejolut builds complex architectural blockchain solutions to build scalable blockchain products for its customers. The team at Rejolut are skilled at catering to the requirements of businesses, ranging from offering crypto exchange, tokenization, implementation of custom Defi protocols, smart contracts and other similar tools and protocols.

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By keeping customers at the heart of their decision-making, Rejolut prides itself on offering best-in-class innovation and quality in the work it delivers. The framework and execution offered by Rejolut allows companies to figure out where to start building their blockchain organizational capabilities. With a team of experienced professionals combined with a vast array of technological capabilities, Rejolut is an ideal company to partner with to start your firm’s blockchain journey.

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Helping businesses accelerate blockchain adoption

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