Google Trends Data Reveals Searches For ‘Banking Crisis’, ‘Bank Run’ Skyrocket – Bitcoin News

Google Trends Data Reveals Searches For ‘Banking Crisis’, ‘Bank Run’ Skyrocket – Bitcoin News

Interest in the US banking crisis has increased sharply in the past two weeks, as shown by Google Trends data. There has been a sharp increase in searches related to keywords such as “bank crisis”, “bank collapse” and “bank failure”. On March 13, 2023, the search term “bank crisis” reached a top Google Trends score of 100. The related topics concern the financial problems of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and First Republic Bank.

Google Trends shows global interest in the US banking crisis increased last week

Google Trends data reveals a significant increase in public interest in the US banking crisis, with searches skyrocketing. A search for the term “banking crisis” shows that people are asking Google various related questions, including “What happens to my money if banks collapse?”, “What are the negative effects of a banking crisis?” and “Which American banks have collapsed?”

Google Trends Data Reveals Searches for 'Banking Crisis', 'Bank Runs' Skyrocket
Related questions shown on Google related to recent US bank collapses.

The increase in public interest is attributed to the collapse of three banks: Silvergate Bank, Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank. Two of the three banks are among the second and third largest bank failures in US history, after Washington Mutual (Wamu) collapsed in 2008. People have also expressed concern about other banks, including Pacwest Bancorp, First Republic Bank and Swiss banking giant Credit Switzerland.

Google Trends Data Reveals Searches for 'Banking Crisis', 'Bank Runs' Skyrocket
Google Trends data March 19, 2023, 30-day statistics, worldwide for the search term “bank failure”.

According to Google Trends, worldwide interest in the topic of “bank failure” reached a score of 100 on March 13. The increase began on March 9, 2023, and is currently 34 at the time of writing. On March 13, search terms such as “bank crisis”, “bank collapse” and “US banks” saw a significant increase in the number of searches. While a significant portion of the interest comes from the United States, there is also strong interest from countries such as Zimbabwe, Canada, China, Egypt, New Zealand and Singapore.

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Google Trends has also registered other breakout searches, such as “banking crisis 2023”, “banking crisis in silicon valley” and “banking crisis in the US”. Over the past 14 days, searches for banks of various sizes have increased, including banking giants, mid-sized financial institutions and smaller banks. The last time searches for these terms peaked was during the Great Recession in 2008, specifically in the months of June, July, August, September and October.

Google Trends Data Reveals Searches for 'Banking Crisis', 'Bank Runs' Skyrocket
Google Trends data March 19, 2023, 30-day statistics, worldwide for the keyword “banking crisis”.

Banking-related terms, such as “deposits,” “insured deposits,” “uninsured deposits,” “bank runs,” “FDIC,” “bailout,” “bailouts,” “Federal Reserve,” “Fed,” “interest rates,” “interest rate hikes ” and “interest rate hikes,” have also seen an upward trend over the past two weeks.

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