Globally leading Fintech Unlimint rebrands to Unlimit

Globally leading Fintech Unlimint rebrands to Unlimit

Global fintech, Unlimint has announced a rebranding of its name to Unlimit, which will reflect the company’s new positioning, unify its product line and highlight its mission to eliminate financial borders, allowing businesses to operate both locally and internationally with ease across Europe. UK, LatAm, APAC and Africa.

Unlimit was originally launched in 2009 with a focus on payment processing services. However, during its 14 years, the company has never stopped expanding its capabilities and product offering, constantly implementing new solutions that responded to the ever-changing market demand. Today, the company has one of the largest self-developed payment infrastructures in the world, consisting of various financial services such as payment processing, banking as a service (BaaS), and an on-ramp fiat solution for crypto, DeFi and GameFi.

The new name is a strategic step in the company’s aim to unify its products and strengthen the brand on a global scale. The company’s BaaS solution will now be called Unlimit BaaS, while the entry and exit solution for Web 3, GateFi, will be renamed Unlimit Crypto. It will also come with a new website and slogan of “borderless payments”. Fintech is evolving with the industry to deliver new solutions that meet ever-changing user needs, and the new website reflects this by providing a holistic view of the company’s offering with an interactive map and descriptions of payment methods per region to strengthen businesses across world to make educated decisions about their expansion plans.

Cross-border transactions have grown steadily over the past few years, and according to BCC Research, the market is estimated to grow to US$238.8 billion (£193.556 billion) by 2027, with a CAGR of 5.3 percent. Unlimit aims to give customers the freedom and flexibility to pay anywhere, anytime, and eliminate any restrictions that may prevent businesses from expanding.

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Kirill Evstratov, founder and CEO of Unlimit, comments on the new brand: “As a company that has always moved along industry trends, we never stop perfecting our products and portfolio, and want our brand to reflect this. The change is a natural evolution for us because it highlights our mission and end goal – the removal of existing economic borders, which can prevent our customers from operating and growing both locally and globally, allowing them to “limit themselves and go beyond borders”. We are committed to our goal, committed to our customers, and will continue to deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet this.”

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