First NFT console declared, criticized for “copying” GameCube emblem.

First NFT console declared, criticized for “copying” GameCube emblem.
First NFT console declared, criticized for “copying” GameCube emblem.

The first ‘NFT game console’ known as Podium One is about to be released in 2024. However, there are quite a few complaints and some around the emblem.

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Invoiced because the first “NFT game console”, Podium One, was declared on a weekday; However, the device has already returned under quite a bit of criticism from the audience. While some individuals have complained about Podium One’s ties to NFTs in general, others are much more aggravated by marking the emblem} for the new console’s appearance quite similar to the logo of the decommissioned, but still loved Nintendo.

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Web3 Company Podium produces Podium One. It will be beaked like a console that will be powerful enough to run “high performance games”. The company also mentioned in its announcement of the new device that it may be easy enough that people from the World Health Organization are not used to Web3 can still be ready to play this console. Those who are fascinated by getting Podium One may reportedly be ready to do so in Q3 2024, as long as they get a “Podium Pass” for the first time, that is, the Associate in Nursing NFT on the Ethereum network. The company mentioned above will be ten 000 of the podium passes that were minted in the first place.

The idea that players had to be forced to get involved in NFT’s crossroads rectifies many setbacks; The important problem from most people, however, was the style of the console rather than how they would be ready to buy it. The look is relatively simple, with the console wanting some sort of small box and the controller seems to be quite similar to the alternative basic consoles of this generation. However, the Podium brand with over many individual professions is a direct rip-off of the GameCube brand.

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Several people took to social media to indicate how similar the two logos are. NFT game console manufacturers tried to stay in check by declaring that GameCube’s brand had a “G.” In contrast, Podium One includes a “P.” Apparently, when they realized that rationalization was not enough to get individuals off their backs, the company eventually tweeted at the same time that there are quite a few companies using similar logos, and that the intention was not to repeat GameCube either.

The setback for the current type of console is hardly shocking, given that a significant phase of the audience is in line with NFTs. Opposition to the current silent school being used in video games has a rectifier for some companies, such as Blizzard, which makes it clear that they do not want to deal with NFTs.

Should Podium be ready to go past the disputation around the brand for Podium One, there are still some questions about the console approaching? So far, there has been no announcement regarding games and whether it will target specific NFT games or whether it will find agreements with publishers and developers on existing titles. Should the project go ahead, among the big questions that should be answered.

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