Fintech Humans and One37 Identity enter into a strategic partnership in Germany

Fintech Humans and One37 Identity enter into a strategic partnership in Germany
Fintech Humans and One37 Identity enter into a strategic partnership in Germany

Toronto, Ontario – (Newsfile Corp. – July 28, 2022) – One37 and all-in-one super app Human beings announced a strategic partnership that will enable them to accelerate the use of Verified and Trusted Identity data with the growing demand for digital banking and fintech services.

Through the partnership, Human beings can offer its customers a frictionless and seamless onboard experience, while keeping privacy and consent management at the core of the customer journey. One37 Universal Digital Identity allows Human beings to reduce fraud risk, increase customer retention and enable customers to purchase Humans services available on their marketplace; it is truly private, secure and user-friendly.

With Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology at its core, One37 has developed its state-of-the-art digital identity activation platform to allow businesses and customers to exchange data and transact safely and securely. The SSI framework has been adopted in Germany and throughout the EU as a key privacy framework. Through its membership in DIACC, One37 is contributing to the future of digital identity by leveraging the lessons learned from its own real-life use cases in Canada, where verifiable credentials play an increasingly crucial role.

“The widespread prevalence of online fraud underscores the need for all digital banks and ecosystems to better protect consumers’ data and money. Without action, consumers could lose confidence in digital banking, open banking and Fintech, hindering marketing efforts and ultimately growth. This is such an exciting time for us to be part of the launch of Humans in Germany. We are fortunate to have Humans’ wealth of digital banking expertise and knowledge, which is a phenomenal use case for SSI.”

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Fadwa Mohanna, CEO of One37

The all-in-one super app platform from Human beings is the next step in digital banking. The Humans platform makes it easy to launch a digital banking ecosystem with partners such as Vodafone and MasterCard. Human beings services combine all needs in one place. The company offers financial services that are simple, transparent and inclusive.

“Humans has a proven platform and a successful business model to create fintech solutions, adaptable for any partner and faster than any competitor,” Vlad Dobrynin, CEO and founder of Humans Group. “Our unique approach based on smart computer algorithms enables people to offer seamless services like microloans and cashback to our customers. With this partnership, One37 offers a scalable and reliable platform to onboard verified businesses and customers with efficiency, security and privacy built in at its core”.

Human beings will exploit One37 digital identity activation platform that allows customers to securely store and share their verified digital identity information and credit score data with a multitude of partners in diverse applications such as banking, travel, insurance, health and telecom services.

About people

Humans Group develops an ecosystem of services in finance, telecommunications and recruitment, to meet primary motivators and needs common to all people. Currently, the Humans Group includes three projects:

  • fintech platform, the first and only super app in Uzbekistan

  • all-in-one super app in Germany, which combines a fintech service, mobile services and an online payment system with a cashback function. The launch is planned for 2022

  • employee search platform in the USA

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The group’s offices are located in the USA, Singapore, Germany, Poland and Uzbekistan. The company employs over 850 people.

About One37

One37 is a global provider of digital identity solutions with a track record of innovative achievements, enabling businesses and users to connect, exchange and verify data. One37 provides the building blocks of Web3; Offers turnkey, verifiable credential-driven products across industry verticals such as financial services, travel, telecom, insurance, healthcare and others.

One37 is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

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