FinTech Company Sidepocket will be launched in February 2023

FinTech Company Sidepocket will be launched in February 2023

San Francisco, Calif. – (Newsfile Corp. – January 26, 2023) – Sidepocket, a deep-tech financial startup, has announced that their platform will soon be available in the App Store. Launching on iOS on February 13, 2023, the platform will offer an innovative robo-advisor platform that solves the multi-trillion-dollar withdrawal problem, a problem that has historically resulted in shareholders losing trillions of dollars due to overexposure to market corrections and outdated funding paradigms.

Sidepocket is the only robo-advisor that offers tactical asset allocation to retail investors. The Sidepocket platform will offer investors a marketplace of proprietary asset allocation strategies, each designed with different performance parameters, and will rebalance these assets monthly.

The platform provides access to Sidepocket’s core proprietary technology, consisting of models that apply advanced statistical analysis, quantitative modeling and predictive analysis with the goal of minimizing drawdowns and improving risk-adjusted returns.

Sidepocket’s founder and CEO, Daniel Idzkowski, states that his team is excited to open the platform out of its closed beta and remove the waiting list, as this move will reach more customers. “We want to modernize investments, not just take old investment paradigms and digitize them like what was done by other robo-advisors,” he says. “Sidepocket is intended to democratize active management solutions for everyone. We are disrupting the legacy wealth management industry and giving investors the tools they need to minimize the impact of market crashes and declines through tactical asset allocation.”

Idzkowski states that Sidepocket was specifically created to address drawdown, which he calls an epidemic in the financial world. “This is a problem that has been unresolved for years,” he says. “What most people don’t realize is that losses don’t have a linear relationship with gains, so when your retirement portfolio loses 30% like many did last year, you need 42% just to get your money back.”

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He adds that his team is quite proud of Sidepocket’s performance in 2022. “U.S. stocks had the worst year in more than a decade for global stocks and bonds. year.” says Idzkowski. “Sidepocket surpassed all its benchmarks and blew away all our expectations in 2022.”

According to Idzkowski, a company like Sidepocket is essential for those who have experienced problems with wealth management and the investment industry. “Just because investing in the 60/40 portfolio, or passively in a basket of stocks and bonds over the past 30 years, has averaged about 7% annually doesn’t mean you’ll get it over the next 30 years, and that’s exactly what happened in 2022, he says. “The problem is that the correlations of these different asset classes in today’s world are very variable and much higher than they were 70 years ago; what’s worse is that during a market crash when you need protection the most, the correlation approaches 100%.”

As they prepare to open the platform and waitlist, Sidepocket’s team continues to explore new and innovative ways to scale and expand the company, including expanding its offerings to B2B financial services providers. Idzkowski says: “We see a huge opportunity to partner with existing registered investment advisors and offer our technology as a value add to their offerings. We also have some interesting plans to expand aggressively that are already in the works, so definitely stay tuned for more .”

He shares that Sidepocket keeps a close eye on the latest developments in both artificial intelligence technology and finance in order to serve its customers better. Plans for 2023 include integrating crypto strategies into the platform to make crypto more reliable as an investment asset class for both the experienced and casual investor. “Crypto is a very difficult asset class to get responsible exposure to; we think we’ve figured out a way to bring crypto to investors in a more sustainable way,” says Idzkowski. “We want to bring transformative technology to investing and modernize the core approaches offered to investors today.”

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Sidepocket will officially launch to the public on iOS devices on February 13.

Sidepocket is a venture-backed deep technology company that offers an investment solution that uses advanced statistical analysis, quantitative modeling and predictive analytics to mitigate declines in bear markets and crashes. Sidepocket was founded by Daniel Idzkowski, a serial entrepreneur who gained international recognition for creating SKUNKLOCK, a bike lock that fights back against thieves with harmful chemicals. After identifying the shortcomings in the bicycle lock industry, he turned his attention to the financial industry, where he aims to bring transparency and better solutions for investors with his advanced technology and innovative ideas.


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