Evaluate Market rebrands to evaluate.xyz and makes NFT trading on Flow and Ethereum easy, safe and social

Evaluate Market rebrands to evaluate.xyz and makes NFT trading on Flow and Ethereum easy, safe and social

NFT collectors can match with other users and trade NFTs in live, chat-based trading lobbies. The fastest and easiest way to trade NFTs.

BROOKLYN, NY, USA, November 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Evaluate.xyz is the only platform where you can instantly match with similar NFT collectors and trade Flow and Ethereum NFTs live. This is a trustless, revolutionary way for NFT enthusiasts to use their collections to access new NFTs without having to spend money or cryptocurrency. Additionally, the site is the only place NBA Top Shot, UFC Strike and NFL All Day users can trade moments with other users without having to find trades on Discord or rely on a third party. Collectors can queue up on Evaluate and instantly match with another collector where they can sort through the collection and suggest trades. Once both users have “locked” a trade, they are asked to sign a transaction that will transfer the NFTs to each other. If a user does not wish to trade with the partner they have queued with, they can simply “skip” and match with a new collector. To give collectors a way to communicate with each other during the trading process, Evaluate has a built-in chat feature that notifies users of changes made to the trade. This trading tool is available for all Flow and Ethereum projects supported by Evaluate.

Evaluate has chosen to rebrand in the hope of reflecting the fresh new changes to the platform and transforming the user experience with the new trading function.

“In the past, exchanging NFTs has been inaccessible to most collectors due to the cumbersome process of having to discover, negotiate and execute an exchange using multiple apps and websites. Today, we are excited to introduce live NFT exchange on Flow and Ethereum to evaluate.xyz, a single experience that pairs collectors with similar users and allows them to negotiate and execute NFT exchanges in a live, trustless manner.We are excited to introduce this functionality and continue our mission of making NFT fundraising safer, social and more fun.
– Christian Dittmeier, co-founder

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Over 1.4 million users have used Evaluate since it was incorporated on March 8, 2021
Evaluate supports 1100+ NFT collections across Flow and Ethereum
Evaluate supports almost all ETH pools with over 1000 ETH in secondary trading volume

Evaluate is a web3 platform where NFT collectors can find trading partners and exchange NFTs, track their portfolio across multiple blockchains and get the best deal across popular marketplaces. https://evaluate.xyz/

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