EQLZ Announces World’s First NFT Sneaker Accelerator

EQLZ Announces World’s First NFT Sneaker Accelerator

“Planetary” sneaker brand EQLZ is targeting web3 with a new program called “EQLZ Society.” The project marks the world’s first metaverse sneaker accelerator, a community where holders will have the opportunity to transform their ideas into physical shoes.

The initiative will launch with the “Capsule Ocean,” a collection of 777 utility-enabled NFTs and sneakers. EQLZ’s #1050 model serves as design inspiration, a backless clog that takes its cues from the ocean. The NFTs were minted for free as a way to offer accessibility to the community, and holders will have exclusive access to future projects.

777 physical sneakers will also be offered at launch, and only those who have a “Capsule Ocean” NFT will be able to own a pair. In keeping with the brand’s sustainability efforts, EQLZ ensures that each pair is made from 100 percent recycled materials. There are several oceanic-inspired colorways to choose from, and each pair is unique.

Join the club – Members of the program will be able to turn their design concept ideas into real products, creating their own sneakers in just a few months. EQLZ also plans to host events and discussions with “movers and shakers of the sneaker industry and culture,” according to its website, where members can have the opportunity to meet and engage with one another.

Exclusive access to future projects is also an advantage for members. They will be able to get first dibs on EQLZ’s products, both digital and physical. As the company looks to its future in the metaverse, holders will be able to access content channels, community events and perks throughout the roadmap.

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Good for the planet and your feet – EQLZ’s self-proclaimed planet-based super sneakers are glue-free and fully recyclable. Although some brands have also adopted modular design in their sneakers lately, EQLZ has always ensured that their products are technologically advanced and sustainable.

Vents add some airflow, and cushioning is provided by a soft, dual-density footbed. The materials are infused with ground coffee beans to prevent smelly foot funk and finished with Jungle Essence, an extraction technology that turns fragrance molecules into oils.

Pre-sale and public sale started last week, with 50 NFTs reserved for raffles, 7 reserved for founders and 720 reserved for the permission list. As of now, the coins can be secured on OpenSea. As for what else EQLZ has in store, the brand revealed it’s embracing web3 and “stocking up on never-before-seen sneaker collaboration ideas” with more projects unveiled before the end of the year. If it’s to be believed, expect the unexpected.

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