ePIC Blockchain Announces UMC Support for S19 XP to Boost Bitcoin Mining

ePIC Blockchain Announces UMC Support for S19 XP to Boost Bitcoin Mining

The royalty-free, cutting-edge control board and firmware achieve efficiencies below 19 J/TH, allowing Bitcoin mining companies to gain full control over the mining operations

TORONTO, 25 January 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ePIC Blockchain, a leader in blockchain technologies, today announced new developments in its Universal Mining Control (UMC) product line. Built with ePICs PowerPlay technology, the UMC card and custom firmware allow it Bitcoin mining to optimize their fleets by providing control over key mining parameters. In the latest development, ePIC supports UMC and custom firmware S19 XP Bitcoin miner.

In addition, the UMC product line also supports the S19 J series, and more are under development. Using the UMC board and custom firmware, miners will have access to the API to enable customers’ specific functions in relation to their particular operating environment, to fine-tune operational metrics, including frequency and voltage.

The S19 XP with ePIC’s UMC is able to achieve an efficiency below 19 J/TH in a properly air-cooled environment – ​​a significant milestone in today’s power cost environment and hashrate difficulties. Additionally, as more mining operations transition from air-cooled to liquid immersion, the immersion-ready UMC and its firmware enable users to disable fans and facilitate a smooth transition to liquid immersion.

“UMC and the support of S19 XP provide the flexibility to serve miners in the performance and efficiency envelope best suited to the evolving economic conditions and power environment of Bitcoin mining”, says Jim Seto, CEO of ePIC Blockchain. “TCO (total cost of ownership) belongs to our customers, and it is fundamental to our royalty-free offer”.

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“The firmware and hardware solutions from ePIC are ideally suited for customers to extend the product life cycle of their fleet and reduce their operating costs”, says Kevin Pan, CEO and founder of Poolin. “Poolin looks forward to optimizing our CapEx and OpEx footprint with ePIC solutions”.

About ePIC Blockchain Technologies

Located in Toronto, Ontario, ePIC is a leader in semiconductor and system design for Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains. ePIC offers custom mining rigs, including rigs based on the latest Intel® Blockscale™ technology, and fleet improvement technologies that streamline and automate the performance and efficiency of the mining fleet.

For more information visit www.epicblockchain.io

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