Enjin Unveils NFT and Digital Assets Focused Enjin Blockchain

Enjin Unveils NFT and Digital Assets Focused Enjin Blockchain

Enjin Unveils NFT and Digital Assets Focused Enjin BlockchainEnjin, a prominent ecosystem serving NFTs and digital assets, has introduced the Enjin Blockchain. The state-of-the-art blockchain technology, designed exclusively for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and digital assets, facilitates transactions at the protocol level. The use of the open source Substrate framework to construct the blockchain is a unique approach to NFT technology. This signifies a new era for the Enjin and Efinity communities, along with the potential course of #NFTs and #Web3.

Enjin’s Blockchain contains several unique attributes, including Fuel Tanks, which allow developers to absorb transaction fees, making them imperceptible to end users. A notable feature is the Discrete Accounts feature, which streamlines the user experience by enabling interaction with the blockchain without the need for a wallet.

The launch of Enjin Blockchain is considered a significant step towards achieving widespread acceptance. This solution offers a cost-effective and user-friendly approach for creators, businesses and individuals to optimize the potential of NFTs and digital assets. Enjin is widely recognized as one of the earliest gaming ecosystems for NFTs globally, and this blockchain marks a significant milestone in their journey.

As part of the final approach, Enjin Coin (ENJ) will be transferred from the Ethereum network to Enjin Blockchain’s Mainnet as its inherent token. Enjin Coin (ENJ) and Efinity Token (EFI) will merge, bringing together their respective communities in a fair and transparent manner.

The Efinity para-chain of Polkadot, which belongs to Enjin, has been effectively split and is now referred to as the Efinity Matrixchain on the Enjin Blockchain. Current Efinity users will experience a smooth transition, as all blockchain information will be securely transferred. There are plans in place for the future deployment of the Enjin Matrixchain and other Matrixchains, which will serve to expand the scope of digital ownership and interaction opportunities.

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Enjin Blockchain will be used in Enjin’s community initiatives, which will promote its integration and use. Furthermore, the Enjin App Layer can be customized by developers, enabling cost-effective integration of NFTs. The Enjin Matrixchain platform will use the robust Proof-of-Stake system offered by Substrate to ensure high levels of security and reliability.

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