Dust Labs’ they[id] Is a One-Stop Digital Hub for y00ts and DeGods holders

Dust Labs’ they[id] Is a One-Stop Digital Hub for y00ts and DeGods holders

Dust Labs has just started rolling them out[id], their new Web3 ID profile platform, specially designed for DeGods NFTs and y00ts NFTs holders. The two projects have merged their Discords in favor of this more streamlined system.

Frank DeGods, founder of DeGods, says the goal of the platform is simple: to build software that helps people “save time, make friends and earn money.”

Although in its early stages, the platform has ambitious goals to differentiate itself from any existing Web3 profile. Here are some of the features.

the[id] and wallet security

Credit: Dust Labs

The one they[id] the platform provides authentication for Ethereum, Polygon and Bitcoin, enhancing secure transactions and interactions on these popular blockchain networks. It also has a wallet delegation system, meaning you only need to use the cold wallet once, which can then be stored for safety.

This eliminates the need to repeatedly expose it to potential threats. In addition to the security measures, they[id] facilitates native wallet delegation in Discord, effectively bypassing the risk of fraudulent links. This provides a safer environment for users by minimizing the risk of fraud.

Credit: Dust Labs

When you officially link your Twitter account to de[id], you will immediately receive a follow-up from @DeGodsNFT and @y00tsNFT official pages. However, the accounts will immediately stop following if you transfer or sell your NFT.

A feature will soon be introduced that will allow holders to follow all verified users with just a single click. Proprietors and community members have already expressed their excitement, recognizing Frank’s talent for accommodating users’ desires. In this “attention economy”, where visibility and engagement often dictate success, the importance of followers as digital currency cannot be underestimated.

Users like Brandon Galang even added that this will be important for growing DeGods and y00ts holders to growth marketers. This strategy not only enhances the personal brand of each holder, but also increases the visibility of the two NFT projects as a whole.

Dust Labs’ they[id] the platform is set to make a significant impact on NFTs and the wider Web3 space. Its innovative approach to user authentication, Twitter integration and community building is already receiving positive feedback from users and industry insiders alike.

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By improving individual brand growth and project visibility, they can[id] not only redefines the concept of digital identity, but also paves the way for the development of the digital attention economy.

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