Dreamster presents a groundbreaking opportunity for users in the NFT Space

Dreamster presents a groundbreaking opportunity for users in the NFT Space

Dubai, UAE, 22 May 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Dreamster, a recognized and licensed company, introduces a revolutionary solution for individuals and creators entering the Non-fungible Token (NFT) realm. By connecting to your Metamask wallet, Dreamster offers a seamless way for musicians, videographers, artists and others to participate in the decentralized NFT social network. The platform has a multi-blockchain marketplace, enabling users to easily choose between Ethereum, Polygon or Binance Smart Chain for their NFT creation.

Dreamster presents a groundbreaking opportunity for users in the NFT Space

In addition to its core offering, Dreamster is developing a specialized solution for musicians and videographers to efficiently monetize their content through NFTs and an NFT audio and video streaming platform. Utility NFTs work in the same way as tokens used to play arcade games – users can purchase tokens directly from the creators, providing access to exclusive content without intermediaries. This direct interaction allows funds to flow directly to the creators, while fans can also share the content and share revenue with the creators.

Dreamster’s ambitions extend beyond its current offerings. The company’s roadmap for 2023 includes the introduction of a number of solutions for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Powered by the original BEP20 token “Dster”, the Dreamster token acts as a payment medium on NFT’s social networking platform. Users can easily select the Binance chain and use the token to buy or bid NFTs at discounted prices. Furthermore, the Dreamster token offers management tools, which allow users to stake and lock their tokens to earn dividends from quarterly fees generated on the Dreamster NFT social network. Users of the Dreamster music streaming platform can also use the Dster token to obtain credits and access rights for artist music streaming. Solidity.Finance recently audited the Dreamster token, to ensure its reliability.

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Founder’s message: “Our mission is to address the primary concern of musicians, composers and videographers, ensuring fair compensation for their streams and revenue sharing with fans.”

The rapidly growing NFT landscape is about to witness another significant development as Dreamster unveils its token Airdrop portal. How does it work? The airdrop consists of two phases, each lasting one month. Phase 1 targets users who have completed transactions on Opensea, Rarible, Looksrare and X2Y2 within the last six months. These users are eligible to claim one of three rewards that provide a musical note based on their volume on the aforementioned platforms. Phase 2 focuses on individuals who post on Dreamster NFT’s social platform and engage in transactions within the platform during the following month. To get started, connect your Metamask wallet today.

The rewards consist of three types of music notes: Common Music Note (minimum amount airdropped), Rare Music Note (medium level amount airdropped) and Ultra-Rare Music Note (highest level of tokens airdropped). Dreamster tokenomics states that a total of 1 billion tokens will be created, with 10% of these tokens being sent to the community. To check your eligibility and claim your rewards, visit: Here

But that’s not all! If you have not engaged in any trading activity on the mentioned platforms, Dreamster has developed an opportunity especially for you. Simply follow Dreamster on Twitter, join their Discord and Telegram channels, and submit your wallet address to receive a limited supply of Dreamster tokens through an Airdrop. To participate, visit: Here

Since its establishment in late 2021, Dreamster has achieved a number of milestones outlined in the roadmap. The company has assembled a skilled team of founders and developers and obtained licenses in Lithuania and the United Arab Emirates. Dreamster is a registered DAO with trademarks in the United States.

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To learn more about partnering with Dreamster, visit

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