DeFinity Markets Launches Hourly AI Powered Crypto Anomaly Signals and Adds Historical Data to Ocean Market Available on ETH and MATIC

DeFinity Markets Launches Hourly AI Powered Crypto Anomaly Signals and Adds Historical Data to Ocean Market Available on ETH and MATIC

LONDON, 16 September 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DeFinity Markets (powered by DMALINK), the institutional digital asset ECN for digital assets releases hourly irregular crypto market signals to enhance today’s daily deals via the new Clarity Absolute app and as datasets available on Ocean Market across Ethereum and Polygon network.

Anomaly detection is typically used to automatically detect out-of-distribution behavior in asset prices. On an hourly basis, approx. 5 minutes past every hour (UTC), a new irregular score (0-100%) is generated by deep learning AI models for each of the 12 supported cryptoassets, (AAVE, ADA, BNB, BTC, DOT, ETH, LTC, MATIC , SOL, UNI, XMR, XRP). The deep learning AI models look at a combination of market data, context data and chain data to detect irregular patterns. These may be the result of undisclosed new information, spillovers from correlated assets, or structural breaks in an asset’s behavior versus the broader market. This technology can immediately detect these hidden market data anomalies, which would otherwise be undetectable, and provide an early warning of potential volatility events, making it a powerful risk management tool.

Thanks to the built-in collaboration with Axyon AI, a leading European FinTech with expertise in Deep Learning AI for asset management and trading firms, DeFinity Markets has provided its clients and token holders with access to premium crypto market exposure points since September 2021. The technology has proven extremely valid for monitoring crypto market data and generating early warnings regarding (i) unexpected price behavior, (ii) abnormal liquidity changes and (iii) inconsistent transactions that may be indicative of broader price volatility events.

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Manu Choudharyco-founder of DeFinity, says: “From a risk management and trading perspective, the new hourly anomaly detector has the potential to play a central role in providing portfolio managers with early warning of the presence and magnitude of volatility events or directional changes in the 12. target cryptoassets. Allowing them to either reducing their risk positions, engaging in portfolio hedging or disappearing into volatility/directional changes to generate alpha in the spot or options market.”

Michael SiwekDeFinity co-founder, added: “The anomaly detector can give digital asset stakeholders forewarning of a network attack, regulatory intervention or watch a country bail out of assets and predict crisis.”

“We were the first to create and launch AI-powered crypto anomaly detection in 2021, and in less than 12 months we have managed to exponentially improve accuracy, reliability and shorten the predictive window to 60 minutes, creating a truly remarkable and ground-breaking technology,” , concluded Chris Park CFO of DeFinity Markets.

The time signals are available via the Clarity Absolute app available via registration:

The hourly signals have also been released on Ocean Market at the following links:
– Daily crypto anomaly scores, available via the Ethereum network.
– Daily crypto anomaly scores, available via polygon network.

Ocean Market is a marketplace for finding, publishing and trading datasets in the Ocean Network.

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DMALINK is a data-centric ECN for professional forex traders streaming anonymous and bilateral, proactively tailored and sustainable prices with a special focus on emerging markets, Scandie cross and CE3. We serve industry leaders, including banks, funds, corporates and proprietary trading firms, with a specific requirement for sustainable liquidity access across non-G-7 pairs.

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DeFinity operates an institutional digital asset ECN for cryptocurrencies and wholesale Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). In addition to supporting decentralized financial services for FX clearing, DeFinity is a layer-2 protocol with a focus on interoperability, using existing blockchain frameworks such as WeOwn, Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain and Cardano.

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Axyon AI is one of the leading players in deep learning solutions for time series forecasting in both traditional and decentralized finance. Axyon AI works with asset managers, hedge funds and trading desks to deliver consistently high-performing end-to-end AI-powered quantitative insights and investment strategies.

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DeFinity Markets Launches Hourly AI Powered Crypto Anomaly Signals and Adds Historical Data to Ocean Market Available on ETH and MATIC

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