DayAway Launches Genesis, NFT Enabled Membership with Immediate Benefit

DayAway Launches Genesis, NFT Enabled Membership with Immediate Benefit
DayAway Launches Genesis, NFT Enabled Membership with Immediate Benefit

DayAway, the platform established in 2021 to discover and book luxury daytime experiences, is on a renewed mission to transition its Web2 business to the open and decentralized Web3.

Taking the experience economy into the metaverse, the Singapore-based startup has launched the first NFT-enabled membership of its kind. DayAway’s Genesis comes with immediate use in real life (IRL), bridging the real and virtual worlds of luxury experiences.

Martha Waslen sees the metaverse as an untapped opportunity to build a bridge between the physical and digital world.

“Unlike other existing NFT projects, the Genesis NFT membership provides immediate valuable benefits, including exclusive access to luxury daytime experiences on DayAway’s platform, priority to subsequent NFT releases, VIP access to closed events and early access to virtual experiences in the metaverse designed in collaboration with both Web2 and Web3 partners,” the company said in a press release.

Founder and CEO Martha Waslen believes the metaverse offers an untapped opportunity to help stimulate physical travel by helping travelers make pre-trip decisions as well as complementing their real-world experiences. “This advanced form of marketing and advertising offers immeasurable business opportunities in a hybrid physical and digital world,” she said.

The first phase of DayAway’s Genesis NFT membership will be an invite-only private sale of 500 highly exclusive Founder’s Keys. The limited edition Founder’s Keys will be the highest level of Genesis, offering Lifetime Premium membership to DayAway, free DayAway Diamond Concierge membership, priority access to subsequent NFT collections from DayAway and its partners, and more.

The Founder’s Keys will be followed by a public Genesis NFT membership drop in late 2022, as well as a special initiative called “The Bucket List” – a limited run of once-in-a-lifetime, money-can’t-buy experiences at the world’s most iconic hotels auctioned off as 1:1 NFTs.

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DayAway, whose intention is to revolutionize the discovery and booking of luxury experiences by putting a premium on experiences rather than focusing solely on accommodation, currently operates in five markets – Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

Said Waslen, “Metaverse technology, if used correctly, should enhance and complement the IRL hospitality and travel experience, not try to replace it. It’s important to understand that the ‘metaverse’ is not just about virtual reality and gamification – it includes NFT and blockchain technology that provides meaningful benefit to hospitality, tourism and related industries to grow their communities, revolutionize the customer experience and break barriers between fragmented loyalty programs and inefficient legacy systems.”

“Essentially, we’re seeing a lot of meaningful collaborations with other businesses and brands near hospitality on NFT-enabled memberships that expand the hotel experience from just being a place where someone spends the night to a part of their everyday life.”

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