Dash blockchain experiences downtime during hard fork – Cryptopolitan

Dash blockchain experiences downtime during hard fork – Cryptopolitan


The Dash blockchain encountered a stall during the activation of the Dash Core v19 hard fork, causing concerns among developers and users. Samuel Westrich, head of the network, announced the issue via a tweet on the morning of May 21. The developers quickly responded by announcing a fix in the form of v19.1.0 about 13 hours later.

Dash network halts during V19 hard fork

During the downtime, the developers warned users that blocks and transactions on the Dash network that lack ChainLock and InstantSend locks should not be assumed to have true finality. These security features, unique to it, play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of the blockchain. In response to the disruption, Binance temporarily suspended the distribution of Dash mining rewards until the blockchain was operational again.

The first update, announced on April 10, aimed to improve security through BLS signatures, implement a high-performance masternode system, and introduce wallet improvements. These changes were intended to prepare for the release of the Dash platform on the mainnet.

Release v19.1.0, described as a bugfix upgrade, was introduced to resolve the chain stall issue. However, the release of v19.0.0, originally scheduled for June 14, has been delayed. The developers have emphasized the need for a sufficient number of masternodes and miners to upgrade to the new version to restore normal blockchain functionality. They have also advised users to be aware of the known issues outlined in the release announcement, and a re-indexing of the blockchain may be necessary.

Developers are looking for a way forward

At the time of writing, the block explorer indicated that the last processed Dash block occurred approximately 16 hours ago, highlighting the ongoing impact of the blockchain shutdown.

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The blockchain had previously undergone a significant update with the implementation of the v18 release on September 13, 2022. However, the upgrade faced further tweaks in January due to a hacking attempt that resulted in the temporary shutdown of some masternodes. The blockchain halt was attributed to the release and subsequent withdrawal of Dash Core v18.2.0.

Its core serves as the underlying network for the privacy-focused cryptocurrency Dash, which emerged as a spin-off from Litecoin in 2014. In particular, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) raised concerns about the regulatory status of Dash in April, including that in filed a complaint against Bittrex, claiming it was a security.

Efforts are underway to address the recent blockchain outage and ensure the smooth operation of the network. The release of the v19.1.0 patch represents an important step towards restoring stability, with developers closely monitoring the upgrade process and encouraging users to stay informed of any associated issues.

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