Crypto platform with security at the forefront

Crypto platform with security at the forefront
Crypto platform with security at the forefront

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Finding a new crypto platform that can offer everything you need without compromising on security is one of the main challenges for most crypto traders. While blockchain has a built-in security system that is close to unbreakable, human error can override even the most foolproof software. This is why it’s so important to bring your software up to speed before attempting most crypto-related activities – and that’s exactly what Nexo do with their platform.

What security systems are in place at Nexo?

There are several systems in place at Nexo that ensure that your money is not only safe, but also well looked after. Nexo is a crypto lender, among its other services; The market hasn’t been kind to lenders in recent months, which is why it’s so important to make sure the service you’re using can actually support what they’re offering. That is why the first of the five key mechanisms behind their business model is over-collateralization: they say that even the largest and most reliable institutions do not receive credit from Nexo without sufficient collateral. This not only protects the stock exchange, but also the customers.

In addition, the platform relies on real-time auditing to always be able to prove its position: they always work with the audit firm Armanino LLP to provide real-time certificates of the company’s custody holdings. It is important to mention that Armanino is not just any audit firm – it is a partner of Deloitte, one of the big four in the audit world, giving it significantly more credibility compared to its competitors. Other security systems include risk management through market-neutral strategies, insurance for a total of USD 775m through various custodian partners, and global licensing – with more than 40 licenses worldwide, enabling users to access the exchange in a secure and compliant manner.

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Security is all well and good…but what else do they offer?

There is little point in securing the biggest and most secure fort in the world unless there is something in there worth protecting. Nexo does it perfectly: with more than 40 supported cryptoassets, available in more than 200 jurisdictions, offering trading, investing, yield generation and lending/lending, pretty much everything you need in the crypto space can be found in one place. There are also additional benefits of using Nexo: up to 0.5% in BTC cashback on your trades, a referral program that rewards you for bringing your friends to the platform, and a loyalty program that gives you higher earning rates, bigger rewards and more with interest-free credit lines.

Nexo offers more than 300 trading pairs that you can easily and seamlessly switch to each other. More than 100 of these are considered “exotic,” or pairs you’re unlikely to find anywhere else; this means that if you’re interested in a lesser-known project that seems promising, chances are you’ll find it available on Nexo. In addition, you always pay the price you see at that moment: when you place an order, the price is fixed and does not fluctuate like on many other exchanges. Plus, once you’ve bought the asset, it’s placed in your savings wallet immediately, meaning you’ll automatically start earning interest on it.

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