Crypto Market Collapse – Is It a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin?

Crypto Market Collapse – Is It a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin?

The collapse of the crypto market affects all the major and minor crypto coins; Bitcoin in particular has experienced a great strain on its market value. Although orchestrated by circumstances, some are beyond the control of the crypto market and some are direct correlations of projections made by a certain group of the population. This has led to investors looking for an alternative before BTC recovers. Names like D2T, IMPT and RIA are starting to trend among top investors as they search for tokens with huge potential.

Bitcoin has seen a big drop in the last few months of its existence, and this has made investors eager to take the exit, creating a bias for new and interested buyers of this cryptocurrency. In the midst of this crypto collapse, is it really a good time to buy Bitcoin? What are the best alternatives to Bitcoin? Let’s find out with the details in the article below.

Bitcoin’s situation in the market
As one of the top currencies in the crypto market, Bitcoin has been in the spotlight in the recent crypto dip. It plunges to shocking lows and has become too volatile to predict future trends. With a market value of around $69,000 in the first parts of the year, the largest value ever, after a successful closure in 2021, the outlook was promising and is sure to improve.

Bitcoin, among other types of coins, was exposed to the general fall of crypto, which had begun at the beginning of the year. It faced a steep decline around May before stabilizing somewhere in October. It had a 30% decline in June over the course of a week and has seen similar declines since that period. It took a big hit, falling to $15,985 after the FTX sale it withdrew from, recording its lowest drop since December 2020, according to Coindesk.

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The crypto space and the financial market in general are experiencing financial challenges. The risk-asset rout that appeared to affect the financial market was a consequence of central banks raising interest rates, a move to reduce demand from ailing economies caught up to the crypto market. Operating in an extremely volatile market, Bitcoin had hit highs and lows in recent years and still managed to reach a new high this year. But the trend has seen bitcoin dangle in the pits of falling markets which investors have taken as a sign to continue pulling their investments. With a huge drop in market cap, falling from $3 trillion to $781 billion, the market outlook is bleak.

The crypto market crash didn’t necessarily take out everything on Bitcoin; some other coins have been ravaged mercilessly by the ongoing crypto dip. In a relative sense, Bitcoin is still staying afloat in the stormy waves of the market, but what worries investors is the outlook. With the bear market threatening to tear everything apart, the previous accounts of Bitcoin could repeat themselves, meaning people who buy now get it at a low price and sell it at a better price, or it could continue to fall the market, which means a loss for any new investor.

The D2T, IMPT and RIA TOKEN – Alternatives to Bitcoin
These coins have better prospects in the unstable/adverse environment of the crypto market. They are:

1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)
2. (IMPT)
3. Calvary (RIA)

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

D2T is the native token of the Dash 2 Trade platform. With one billion tokens as the proposed available volume, it has started selling out massively in the pre-sale stages. A recently introduced crypto alternative, it has produced a roar in the crypto space judging by the activity in the selling market. With $5.7 million in three weeks of pre-sales, this coin is astounding in its popularity.

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D2T has features that make it an attractive option for traders. It includes: releasing trading signals for proper analysis of trading activities that serve the trader, chain analysis to direct trend information to the advantage of the trader, and new coin listings where new coins can be found and selected, which can help improve a trader’s portfolio – all of this packs into a distinct feature, the dashboard, a real-time display of this information that makes it readily available to most traders.

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IMPT is an eco-friendly initiative that limits and controls the carbon operating activities of itself and brands that support its vision. Using the blockchain mechanism, it has decentralized its processes, creating a completely transparent system that prevents fraud, double counting and fraudulent activities. Mandatory burning of old tokens and the ability for users to buy, sell or retire carbon credits promotes carbon footprint reduction.

By partnering with world-leading brands, they enabled users who purchase goods with carbon credits to take action in their hands that leads to a safer environment and profitable investments. The pre-sale has passed the first phase, with over half of the available volume bought down, while the second phase notes similar trends.

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Calvary (RIA)

Calvaria, a fantasy gaming platform, has launched a battle system to earn money with a card game. Launched in the P2E space, it is gaining followers in its unique way. Offering the Playstore version of the online game for free gives inexperienced players a chance to experience a version of the game first hand and navigate the nuances without stress before moving on to play and earn online. Calvaria’s presale tokens have been sold at approximately 77%, promoting the next presale phase to the public.

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Since Bitcoin’s future is highly uncertain in the series of volatile indices that have been shown throughout the year, a general downturn affects everything in the world to further dampen its chances.

Still, without degrading bitcoin’s ability to bounce back as it has in the past, you can never go wrong with de-risking investments, something D2T, IMPT and RIA are proud supporters of.

With some crypto traders in the market leaving behind old coins and getting ready to participate in the launch of something more profitable, these new tokens are gaining momentum in the pre-sale. They give the population new opportunities to explore in the coming months.

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