Craig Wright London Blockchain Conference 2023 keynote: Digital control system or digital ownership

Craig Wright London Blockchain Conference 2023 keynote: Digital control system or digital ownership


At the London Blockchain Conference, Dr. Craig Wright’s keynote speech introduced an editable signature system on Bitcoin. However, it wasn’t.

The presentation started by explaining this unique data management solution, but ended in a thoughtful call to all of us to come together to finally become digital sovereigns.

Bitcoin compliance and editable signature system

“Going back to 2011, you had two problems: I’ve mentioned identity and scaling. These are still problems for blockchain. Scaling? Well, we solve – we have solutions out this year that cover most of it, Dr. Wright said.

In terms of identity and privacy, Dr. Wright suggests an editable signature system, explaining that it’s “something where I can write a file to the blockchain and 20 years from now prove that file, even if I don’t give you everything. So, effectively , I can break down information into its component parts and sign individually, so that from GDPR and Freedom Of Information – any requirement where I don’t want to release all information – I can give you partial data.”

London Blockchain Conference 2023

This blockchain-powered solution can be used not only by individuals but also by governments. Consider use cases where a government agency needs to demonstrate that a file has not been altered without releasing the entire file—making it possible to protect sensitive information without blocking full access.

Digital paper on the BSV blockchain

Dr. Wright explained that he is trying to bring back that misunderstood concept digital paper, as in “physical scarcity for digital goods”. When a solution like the editable signature system is implemented, a digital file that is an original can be selectively disclosed – almost like sharing a specific part of a paper document without sharing a full copy of it and without sharing the original.

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Imagine trying to show me just part of your birth certificate. You must place your hands over areas of the document you do not want me to see, while leaving enough visible space for the parts you want me to see with my eyes. Another option is: you start taping over the paper, hoping not to damage the original.

London Blockchain Conference 2023

“I imagine that every single file ever created on your hard drive is encrypted – individually. Not one key, not one hard drive one key, not a set of keys for different files. Identity linked, each individual file completely, immutable, separate (…). And by that I don’t mean once – every time you access it, encrypted again!” said Dr. Wright.

Think again about digital paper. Your real paper documents are probably in your home, “encrypted” by the physical key to your house or apartment. Whoever gets the key to your home has full access to your paper documents. A completely different story with digital paper and the solutions Dr. Wright explained in his keynote speech.

Creators should be protected in the AI ​​age

While the recently released AI tools hitting the world like a tsunami can empower content creators, there is a risk that others parasitically profit from the work of honest creators.

“This is now changing the nature of AI. Silicon Valley loves their model, which is: steal everything. ‘It should be free, so we can steal it’ I don’t agree with that. I think creators have rights (…) Rights should belong to the person who created a document. If you’re writing a book, you should own it. If you’re creating art, it shouldn’t be something an AI soaks up to do some other—well—crap! It should be something unique ,” Dr. Wright said.

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BSV Blockchain is about ownership of data and the micro-valuation of these. Dr. Wright envisions a world where the work of content creators can actually be fed into an AI algorithm, but with payments tied to those who provided the training data and inputs for each use of the content by AI and others. That’s why we track and trace at an ultra-low cost on the BSV blockchain.

“Even if it’s a billionth – and I mean really a billionth of a US cent – per transaction (…) we want a model where people own,” Dr Wright said.

London Blockchain Conference 2023

Blockchain mas never anti-state, anti-law or anti-banks

Dr. Wright focuses on the BSV blockchain being a fully compatible technology and has been publishing educational resources on that very matter for years:

Digital asset compliance and blockchain solutions are key for a world where we spend more and more time online, but without becoming a product of a few platform companies. If we follow Dr. Wright’s vision, not only the individual will be empowered. The authorities want to deliver better services to citizens while feeling some pressure as well.

“Accountability – this is the big one. We want a society that is responsible. Not all governments are going to like this. Some will (…) Governments should compete,” Dr Wright said.

In his closing statement, Dr. Wright asked the audience what kind of world they wanted to live in. According to him, we are at a point in history where there is a binary choice: either a digital control system or a digital ownership system.

The tools are here. The regulations are here. It is now up to us – how we, the people, decide.

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London Blockchain Conference 2023

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