Cloudbet offers a number of features for reliable crypto gambling

Cloudbet offers a number of features for reliable crypto gambling
Cloudbet offers a number of features for reliable crypto gambling

Cryptocurrency has seen a meteoric increase in the last 10 years. Once seen as a niche asset for techies only, the major cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are now globally recognized and widely accepted online.

One niche that has seen a particularly enthusiastic take on cryptocurrency is online gambling.

While crypto casinos used to be well hidden and known by only the most committed crypto gamblers, major gambling sites like Cloudbet now offer several cryptocurrency options alongside their fiat banking methods. Cloudbet also offers a number of features that make it more beneficial than other crypto gambling sites.

Deposits and welcome bonuses

Cloudbet offers all first time depositors the chance to earn up to 5 BTC in bonus money, this is a lucrative sum players will not find offered at any fiat casinos.

It’s not just welcome bonuses that are enhanced for cryptocurrency users, as the platform also offers deposit bonuses on all deposits made on Thursdays, plus they regularly offer zero-margin odds on their playbook, ensuring successful players get the biggest prizes when they bet there. There is also a Cloudbet Loyalty Club, which rewards gamblers for their ongoing practice on the site.

Cash Out feature

Cloudbet’s long-awaited Cash Out feature is now available and starts with single bets. A Cash Out is a feature that allows users to lock in returns for their previously placed bets before the original bet is settled. Cash Outs at Cloudbet is available for select pre-matches, live events and markets, for singles play at the moment.

Essentially, Cash Out is a new game that uses potential winnings of the user’s original game along with the current odds available if the bet was placed now. By using this feature, users can either lock in their winnings or cut their losses early. The Cloudbet offer section shows the events and markets where Cloudbet currently offers users Cash Out functionality.

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Supercharged withdrawal speeds

Using crypto at Cloudbet is the perfect choice for anyone looking for fast payouts. Withdrawals using more traditional banking options, such as debit / credit cards and e-wallets, can take a few days to process and a few days to transfer. Crypto cuts drastically this time around, as players will often receive their crypto withdrawals just a few minutes after the request was sent.

Deposits are also fast when using crypto at Cloudbet, they usually take a maximum of 10 minutes to be added to an account. This small delay is due to the blockchain technology used to process payments, which ensures the exceptional security of users’ assets. So, Cloudbet’s deposits take a few minutes longer than other payment options, but the small wait is worth it, thanks to the improved security.

Safe and secure transactions

Cryptocurrency is known to be a reliable and secure way to send and receive money online. Every transaction made at Cloudbet is verified by the blockchain using advanced cryptography, which makes it almost impossible to scam the system, plus the encryption process ensures that data cannot be stolen or altered. Add this to Cloudbet’s own security features and a waterproof combination is created.

It is also the case that cryptocurrency is exceptionally private. When using crypto to deposit at Cloudbet, players never have to enter bank details, they do not have to enter anything, since the transaction is started from the player’s crypto wallet. To make withdrawals using crypto at Cloudbet, the only details needed are the amount to be withdrawn and the address of the wallet that receives the withdrawal.

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Generally accepted online

Crypto casinos were once rare. They had been lurking in the shadows for a while and watched as gamblers flocked to fiat casinos instead. However, this is no longer the case as crypto casinos have become mainstream. There are now several large casinos, however Cloudbet was one of the first, and still leads the crypto casino industry.

Not only has crypto become more widespread, but the various types of accepted crypto have also grown enormously in recent years. Cloudbet not only accepts Bitcoin, it accepts various other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and more. Essentially, if a gambler has a preferred cryptocurrency, they will almost certainly find an online casino that accepts it.

Minimum fees

Finally, players will find that only small fees are payable on deposits and withdrawals using cryptocurrency. Users will pay a small amount to use the cryptocurrency, but this will generally fade to insignificance compared to the prices required by most other payment options. For example, those who use PayPal will usually pay fees of more than 3% on money withdrawn using the method.

However, it is very important to check that a crypto casino does not charge fees – some do, and these can take away a significant portion of your deposit or withdrawal. Cloudbet does not charge withdrawal fees, which makes it a sensible choice for anyone who wants to bet online with cryptocurrency.

The reliable services and top-level security combined with a host of features offered by Cloudbet guarantee a smooth and convenient online crypto-gambling experience for users.

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To know more about the platform, visit its official website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news / advice.

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