Chow420’s Blockchain Integration: A Solution to Hemp Cannabis Market’s Trust Problem?

Chow420’s Blockchain Integration: A Solution to Hemp Cannabis Market’s Trust Problem?


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There is a huge problem in the cannabis market: consumers are unknowingly buying misbranded, counterfeit products.

A study by PennMedicine, for example, found that up to 70% of cannabidiol extracts sold online are mislabeled. Another study published in the National Library of Medicine found traces of microbes, heavy metals, pesticides, carcinogens and debris in cannabis products. Alarmed by the findings of these academic studies, Chow420 CEO David Obasiolu felt committed to creating a transparent and traceable cannabis purchasing experience.

Chow420, a sleek e-commerce cannabis store offering legal, transparent cannabis products, is the result. Operating through an automated cannabis dispensation network and an online marketplace, Chow420 differentiates itself from its competitors by emphasizing product verification and detailed content presentation. All of the company’s cannabis products are checked for correct labeling as well as the appropriateness of their ingredients and production methods. Thus, Chow420 is one of the only places consumers can go for reliable cannabis products and where retailers can connect with an informed customer base.

In addition, Chow420 recently upgraded its product quality goals by building a blockchain-powered cannabis ecosystem. The company uses this technological advance to provide unique digital identities for certified products. The products are then tested against a database of testing laboratories for deviations. If successful in this testing, the products are placed on the Binance network for further amplification and verification. The company’s blockchain integration has thus helped it set one of the highest compliance standards in the cannabidiol (CBD) industry, ensuring that customers have the best possible cannabis purchase experience.

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Chow420’s core offering is in the CBD industry, and the CBD market was valued at $5.18 billion in 2021 – with an expected compound annual growth rate of 16.8% over 2022-2030. The company has already had considerable success. Last year, Chow420 came on board with several CBD brands, including Hempbase, Windy Hill Kemp, Koi and Absolute Nature CBD. The company has also developed its own branded products across the categories oils, gums and edibles. Chow420 has also released automated dispensers called “Chow Pods”, which are currently used to generate passive retail and advertising revenue via sponsorship placements.

According to the StartEngine site, Chow420 has raised $1.75 million from 83 investors. Only three weeks are open for other investors to join. The minimum investment is as little as $250 and can represent a great opportunity – especially for those who want to see CBD purchases become safer for consumers.

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