Chainalysis Acquires Blockchain Data Company Transpose: Aims to Simplify Web3 Application Development


In a significant development, Chain analysisa major player in blockchain analysis, has announced its acquisition of Transposea blockchain data and infrastructure company.

The acquisition is aimed at streamlining the construction of applications that use Web3 data, improving the user experience in wallet applications, analyzing financial activities and complying with tax and regulatory requirements.

Transpose provides real-time blockchain data, allowing easy access to decentralized exchange swaps and NFT transactions via APIs.


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It extends support to seven blockchain networks, including not only Ethereum, but also growing Layer 2 networks such as Scroll and Arbitrum.

Based in New York, Transpose boasts partnerships with crypto-centric businesses such as blockchain infrastructure provider Chainstack.

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The company’s team is made up of people with a professional background at recognized companies such as e.g Morgan Stanley, Teslaand Jump crypto.

Chainalysis noted that many businesses and developers are already eager to move away from intricate data systems that rely on unreliable node services or incomplete data providers, and are looking for agile, fast and reliable APIs capable of easily accessing accurate past and current blockchain data. .

With the incorporation of Transpose’s technology and team, Chainalysis stated that it is ready to satisfy this growing demand, accelerate its growth plans and reinforce its position as the most reliable, scalable and user-friendly source of Web3 data and applications in the sector.

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