Chain Reaction and ePIC Blockchain Forge Collaboration for hashing systems

Chain Reaction and ePIC Blockchain Forge Collaboration for hashing systems




ePIC builds high-efficiency hashing systems on Chain Reaction’s cutting-edge ASICs leading up to Bitcoin halving

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Chain reactiona semiconductor company focused on disruptive blockchain and privacy hardware, and ePIC Blockchain, a Bitcoin mining system leader, today announced that they are collaborating to produce ePIC’s next-generation hashing systems for Bitcoin mining. The systems, expected in late 2023, will be based on Chain Reactions EL3CTRUM ASICs.

The Bitcoin network is heading towards one zettahash per second in computational speed, which requires wider use of advanced technology. Additionally, as the projected mid-2024 halving approaches, Bitcoin miners are eagerly purchasing and securing hardware that can provide ever-increasing efficiency.

Collaborating to leverage their expertise in ASICs, GPUs, network design, and system domains, Chain Reaction and ePIC Blockchain deliver high-performance and efficient solutions for the Bitcoin proof-of-work problem. This partnership will facilitate scalability and help meet the rapidly evolving demands of the industry.

ePIC leverages Chain Reaction’s expertise and knowledge to deploy new generations of hardware that will benefit customers.

“We are excited to partner with ePIC Blockchain to deliver the next generation of high-performance hashing systems for Bitcoin mining,” said Alon Webman, CEO of Chain Reaction. “Bringing together our cutting-edge ASICs with ePIC’s expertise in BTC hashing systems enables us to provide data centers with a great opportunity to increase capacity.”

“At ePIC Blockchain, we are committed to driving innovation in the BTC mining industry with highly efficient hashing systems,” said Jim Seto, CEO of ePIC Blockchain. “We are excited to build systems based on Chain Reaction’s best-in-class products and utilize their engineering expertise.”

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About chain reaction
Chain Reaction is developing the future of disruptive blockchain and privacy technologies. The company accelerates computing performance, enabling organizations to adopt and scale solutions to the world’s most complex problems. Working with cloud and data centers, Chain Reaction transforms data infrastructure with custom ASICs and systems that optimize for low-power, high-performance computing. Purpose-built and custom-designed, its solutions power the next generation of secure, scalable and green computing to protect people, privacy and the planet.

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About ePIC Blockchain Technologies
Based in Toronto, Ontario, ePIC is a leader in semiconductor and system design for Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchains. ePIC offers custom mining rigs, including rigs based on the latest Intel® Blockscale™ technology and fleet improvement technologies that streamline and automate the performance and efficiency of the mining fleet.

For more information, visit or get in touch [email protected].

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