CFX, STX, FET, IMX and XTZ Top NFT platform ranking on everything ranking by CoinEdition

CFX, STX, FET, IMX and XTZ Top NFT platform ranking on everything ranking by CoinEdition

  • CFX, STX, FET, IMX and XTZ are the top 5 NFTs and Collectibles platforms on Alt Rank.
  • Alt Rank’s ranking covers 24-hour price change, market capitalization and trading volume.
  • Conflux CFX topped the list by gaining 39.3% in the 24 hours before the report.

Conflux, Stacks,, ImmutableX and Tezos have been listed as the top 5 NFTs and Collectibles platforms by Alt Rank. The LunarCrush powered rating platform, Alt Rank, combines the actual altcoin price performance of the platforms, relative to BTC and social activity indicators to rank cryptocurrencies.

The ranking details on Alt Rank provided information on the 24-hour price change of the native cryptocurrencies of the listed projects. It also published their market capitalization and daily trading volume, while providing information on the main exchanges where they are listed.

Conflux (CFX)/h2

The original Conflux cryptocurrency, CFX, gained 39.3% in the 24 hours prior to the report. As of then, the market capitalization was $710 million, while $1.2 billion of the token was traded in the same period. That makes CFX the highest daily gain among the five listed tokens. CFX is listed on the Binance Exchange, the recognized largest crypto exchange by trading volume.

h2 stacks (STX)/h2

STX, the original cryptocurrency for the Stacks NFT platform, closely follows CFX. STX increased by 35.4% during the 24 hours observed. During this time, the token’s market capitalization was $1.4 billion, almost double the value of CFX, while its daily trading volume was $736 million. STX is listed on the US-based crypto exchange Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) Pro.

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h2 ImmutableX (IMX)/h2

Behind STX is IMX, the original crypto of ImmutableX gained 29.3% in 24 hours. IMX is capitalized at $1 billion, with a daily trading volume of $129 million. Like CFX, IMX is listed on the global crypto exchange Binance.

h2 (FET)/h2

With 20.5% daily profit, FET, the native crypto of becomes the fourth highest winner, ranked by Alt Rank. The token’s market capitalization at the time of the ranking was $479 million, while its daily trading volume was $379 million.

h2 Tezos (XTZ)/h2

The last token on Alt Rank’s top 5 list is XTZ, the original crypto of the Tezos project. XTZ gained 12.6% in 24 hours while registering a market capitalization of $1.1 billion. The trading volume of XTZ over the observed 24-hour period was $113 million. Like STX and FET, XTZ is listed on Coinbase, making it three of the top 5 Alt Rank NFT platform tokens to be listed on the exchange.

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All the listed cryptos have posted significant gains following increased volatility in the cryptocurrency market, impacted by the recent struggles of mainstream banks. More dynamism is expected by investors in the crypto market, taking into account the long-term influence the bank issues can have on the global market. Some users suspect that it could be the catalyst that will trigger a much-anticipated crypto bull run that could push crypto prices to new all-time highs.

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