Bohemian Noble Family will host the NFT and Blockchain exhibition

Bohemian Noble Family will host the NFT and Blockchain exhibition

The Lobkowicz family, a Bohemian noble family dating back to the 14th century, is set to host the second edition of an NFT exhibition; wants to build a bridge between traditional art and blockchain technology.

The house of Lobkowicz looking to host Non-functioning castle for the second time, after a successful launch in 2021. The exhibition of NFTs opens on October 27, 2022, at the Lobkowicz Palace in Prague Castle. While celebrating cultural heritage, the exhibition highlights how blockchain technology can bring more attention to history and historical art.

Non-fungible castles NFT's exhibition

In order to attract as many people as possible, the NFT exhibition will be completely free to the public and will end on 13 November. Visitors will be able to see artwork from the likes of Banksy, Daniel Arsham, Zhang Huan, Jonathan Monaghanand CROSS-CLOSED. Selected pieces from the exhibition are sold at an online auction in the form of NFTs.

The theme of the art exhibition is based around Antonín Dvořákthe world-renowned Czech composer.

The family also introduces an interactive cultural experience. Guests board a train from Prague to Nelahozeves to reach the event. Once there, visitors can take part in historical activities that are combined with modern technology. Among the activities are a gamified scavenger hunt; provide practical experiences through the use of blockchain technology.

NFTs have been used in the past to bring attention to museums, including Dubai’s Museum of the future.

How the future can help restore the past

In 2021, the family hosted the event at the same location and hosted around 200 participants. Overall, the NFT exhibition raised enough funds to fund over 52 restoration projects in the Lobkowicz collections.

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Furthermore, the funds from the 2022 online auction plan will support the Lobkowicz Collection’s charitable projects. The project is the reconstruction and renovation of Antonín Dvořák’s birth house in Nelahozeves. The place is being transformed into an international music heritage site. The plan is to include a museum dedicated to his life and music and to host educational courses, workshops and concerts for all ages.

From the Czech Republic, the house of Lobkowicz is best known for Joseph Franz Maximilian Lobkowiczan ancestor born in 1772. The aristocratic prince was patron of Ludwig van Beethoven. He had several works by Beethoven dedicated to him, including his Third, Fifth and Sixth symphonies.

Tickets to the cultural experience and conference can be purchased and double as NFTs that can provide token-gated access to the events. This unique access comes via a collaboration with STRa Czech software design and engineering company.

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