Bloomberg expands crypto data offering with Kaiko

Bloomberg expands crypto data offering with Kaiko

Kaiko, the industry leader in digital asset data for businesses, is pleased to announce that their monoactive cryptocurrency price quotes are now available on the Bloomberg terminal and through Bloomberg’s flagship real-time market data feed, B-PIPE.

Built with financial benchmarking best practices, Kaiko’s prices aggregate executed trade data from diverse, reliable sources to provide companies, investors, auditors and regulators with reliable and regulated daily prices, whether for valuation, client reporting, accounting or settlement of derivative contracts. . By boiling down extremely fragmented information into a single auditable value, Kaiko aims to bring standardization, clarity and transparency to the crypto ecosystem, a crucial element for mass adoption.

Bloomberg recently announced the expansion of its cryptocurrency data coverage on the Bloomberg Terminal to the top 50 cryptoassets, enabling clients to monitor intraday prices for an expanded universe of cryptos, indices and futures contracts in real-time for faster, data-driven investment decisions.

Bloomberg Terminal and B-PIPE users now have access to the Kaiko Global Tick (KKGT), a suite of institutional crypto prices including two datasets; Kaiko Aggregated Quotes offers real-time best bids and best bids, while Kaiko Price Rates aggregates real-time executed trade data, both across selected exchanges, on the top 50 assets.

“Bloomberg uses a data-driven approach to help our clients in the global institutional investor community define and develop their digital asset strategies,” said Alex Wenham, Digital Assets Product and Strategy Lead at Bloomberg. “As this market evolves, our mission is to make this transition as seamless as possible, with innovative offerings from a trusted and familiar source, the Bloomberg terminal.”

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Ambre Soubiran, CEO of Kaiko said: “Clean and reliable crypto prices are essential for institutional investors and businesses that hold or trade digital assets, as they require independent and accurate tools to assess their custody. We are proud to offer
price rates and reference prices in business class that can offer this service. This is just the beginning, as prices will pave the way for developing multi-asset indices tailored for cryptoassets.”

Today’s announcement builds on the recent news that Bloomberg and Kaiko released the first series of Financial Instrument Global Identifiers (FIGIs) covering crypto-kaicassets

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