Blockchain Gaming – The revolution the gaming world always needed

Blockchain Gaming – The revolution the gaming world always needed
Blockchain Gaming – The revolution the gaming world always needed

The hype around blockchain gaming is undeniably at a fever pitch right now. Over the past year, various crypto gaming platforms have been developed and have already been able to gain mainstream attention.

Many of these games use the popular pay-to-earn (P2E) operating model to entice their users. The reasoning is simple – if players are actually able to earn money while playing, it will be easier for them to enjoy the games they play and they will even be willing to spend more time on it. This structure makes them incredibly efficient at all points, and it is one of the main reasons why crypto and blockchain games have become so remarkable.

The earning potential alone is strong

Blockchain games have become a necessity for today’s gaming environment. Players are no longer expected to play just for fun. If players are going to spend hours of their lives on these platforms, it will be important for them to monetize their activities.

This is why blockchain games have become so popular. Blockchain games come with their own tokens and the ability to earn NFTs, ensuring that players never have to worry about profitability. As long as the market is solid – and it usually is – it’s not much of a problem

How blockchain games are different

Building a reliable economy

Blockchain games have been able to grow thanks to several factors. Right now, one of them is the fact that many of these games have now been able to include non-fungible tokens (NFT).

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In traditional gaming, players will usually have to fight to get things like new avatars, fresh game skins, and other game assets. However, blockchain games have now made it easier for players to earn money thanks to their use of NFTs as in-game assets.

When you get into most blockchain games today, you will find that these in-game assets are essentially NFTs. instead of just buying a regular game skin, the skin you buy is actually an NFT. This means you can trade skins with another player – they pay you, and they collect an NFT. With NFTs as solid long-term investments, it is possible for you to make money immediately.

At the same time, the person buying your skins knows that the NFTs they get can also be traded down the line. So they are more inclined to make such a purchase, knowing that their investment is covered.

You can invest thousands of dollars in a game like Fortnite to buy skins. But when you switch games, the money is essentially gone. Blockchain games ensure that wherever you go, your money stays intact – and continues to grow over time

Blockchain Games also has the advantage of helping you retain ownership of your assets. The skins you sell are yours since they are NFTs. You keep them in your wallet, so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing them.

Finally, it is worth noting that many blockchain games have built their own marketplaces where activities and trading can be conducted. This way, anyone who wants to sell an NFT can do so – at the same time, players hoping to sell other in-game assets will be able to do so easily without having to go through external sources.

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A jump in liquidity – especially when it is based on the platform’s assets – will only strengthen these platforms’ ability to serve their players in the long run.

Establish a just, thriving community

It would be impossible to talk about blockchain games without mentioning platforms that also enable people to build their own games within their ecosystems. Instead of just playing a game, you can actually build your own in an expansive environment and watch as you grow.

For example, a player can go on Mech and take advantage of the platform’s creator tools and code-free game engine. With these you can create your own mini-game inside Mech and earn money as a creator – while playing other games in the ecosystem and earning money from them.

Mech is gradually becoming the blockchain game that everyone wants. The developers are already working on creating a Battle Royale style tournament and they have already sold thousands of Mech NFTs. Attracting players to the in-game ecosystem is sure to spur adoption faster than many traditional game engines have seen so far.

Right now, Mech is also looking to expand and build a stronger name in the blockchain gaming space. The platform has recently hired Kyle Klemmer as its chief operating officer (COO), strengthening the management team even more. Kyle will bring with him 15 years of experience running companies at various stages and across multiple fields – including crypto.

Transparency and decentralization

Another big advantage of these pure blockchain games is the fact that many of them come with their own specific tokens. Most of these tokens are proof-of-stake (PoS), meaning you can stake them in-game to earn even more tokens and increase your wealth.

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Staking also ensures that you get a direct say in the game and how it is run. So, instead of traditional games just rolling out updates and expecting players to handle them, blockchain games ensure that you are able to have a say in what the game developers do.

Over time, this should reduce problems such as corruption – especially on the developer side. The decentralization also ensures that players are really happy with what the game developers are doing.

At the same time, it is worth noting that all interactions in blockchain games are stored on the blockchain. So, games are forced to work in a transparent manner. There is no cheating here, so everyone has a level playing field. Thus, the only way to really win is to invest time and effort into mastering the game – not just knowing the developers.

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