Blockchain Gaming reaches the signature pop culture convention of DailyCoin

Blockchain Gaming reaches the signature pop culture convention of DailyCoin
Blockchain Gaming reaches the signature pop culture convention of DailyCoin

SHRAPNEL at Comic-Con 2022: Blockchain Gaming Reaches Signature Pop Culture Convention

‘SHRAPNEL’, the upcoming “AAA Extraction FPS,” set up a booth at ‘San Diego Comic-Con 2022’ (SDCC) and made its presence felt. The team behind SHRAPNEL also held two panels at the convention, and even gave a sneak peek at some upcoming comics.

San Diego Comic-Con holds the record in the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ as the largest annual comic and pop culture festival on the planet. Considering that SDCC is always a crowd puller, it marked an understandably big milestone for SHRAPNEL.

SHRAPNEL at Comic-Con: What makes it so special?

Although Comic-Con, as the name suggests, is more about comics, the pop culture gathering has steadily expanded over the years to include manga, anime, video games and more.

Now SHRAPNEL offers a story told in cartoon form, and the story concept is just one of the reasons why the blockchain shooter is gaining attention.

With its stand in the Comic-Con event hall, SHRAPNEL had a lot to offer. Players could speak directly with CEO Mark Long about any questions they had, complete important missions, win exclusive SHRAPNEL merchandise and much more.

Here were some of the highlights:

  • Players were assigned missions and given free SHRAPNEL rewards for completing them;
  • A panel on “How Comics Are Making Video Games Better Than Ever” and “Narrative Design for Video Games”;
  • Free 20-page preview handbooks featuring the first five pages from any of the upcoming stories.
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A previous SHRAPNEL announcement revealed that the upcoming graphic novels would focus on stories about the game’s “operators”, and the SHRAPNEL universe itself.

What is SHRAPNEL all about?

Developed by a AAA team, SHRAPNEL is the world’s first moddable AAA FPS on the blockchain. The game is built on , and focuses on play, creation, ownership and management, with the game’s economy running on the $SHRAP token.

The team behind the blockchain shooter boasts seasoned industry veterans, some of whom have won BAFTA and Emmy awards. Famous names like Mark Long, Don Norbury and Colin Foran, who played important roles in household franchises like Call of Duty, Bioshock, Halo and more.

On the other side

  • Despite SHRAPNEL’s unique concept, it may be overshadowed by household franchise shooters from the traditional (non-crypto) gaming industry such as Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield.

Why you should care

  • SHRAPNEL’s presence at Comic-Con marks a major step in blockchain games’ efforts to achieve mainstream adoption, and could go a long way in paving the way for more Play to Earn (P2E) hosting booths at future events.

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