Blockchain Gaming Platform STEPN Integrates with Apple Pay, Here’s What We Know

Blockchain Gaming Platform STEPN Integrates with Apple Pay, Here’s What We Know


According to one official announcement, blockchain gaming platform STEPN has become the first app to integrate with Apple Pay. This project was launched in 2018, during the cryptomania fueled by the Bitcoin bull run, as one of the first to reward users with a token for completing an activity.

Apple and STEPN collaborate to offer convenience to crypto users

The project is likely to enter a new era of adoption as millions of people can access the platform via Apple Pay. According to the announcement, users can purchase the project’s non-fungible tokens (NFTs) sneakers with the convenience of the service.

USDC, the circular stablecoin, will support the new partnership. To acquire one of these assets, users must purchase 10 SPARK credits and access the in-app marketplace.

The team behind the project said:

This integration will also enable a long-awaited update to the STEPN Marketplace on iOS, which will be accessible from the STEPN app and improve the user experience for our community.

In addition, STEPN will implement a new reward system called “Badges & Achievement”, exclusively for iOS users. The system will allow people to reach milestones, complete challenges and complete their collections.

According to the announcement, the partnership with Apple Pay will allow the project to bridge Web2 with the so-called next evolution of the Internet Web3, supported by blockchain-based products, such as STEPN. As a result, the team behind the project expects to bring more users worldwide.

The team added the following, calling the Apple Pay integration a “monumental milestone”:

This milestone would not have been possible without the continued support of Apple since STEPN’s launch in 2021. We thank Apple for their support and hope you will join us in celebrating this achievement!

Until now, the tech giant Apple has shown hostility towards the crypto industry. Several projects in the nascent sector have decried the hurdles they have to overcome to launch a product on the App Store.

See also receives in-principle approval to operate in Singapore

As Bitcoinist reported, in April of this year popular decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap had to overcome difficulties to fully launch its mobile wallet on iOS. The project eventually got the green light, but after several delays.

It’s possible that the integration of STEPN and Apple Pay could signal a new era of collaboration between the tech giant and the budding industry. However, only time will tell.

STEPN’s native token experienced a rally, rising over 3% in the last hour since the announcement. At the time of writing, STEPN is trading at $0.3.

STEPN is experiencing a rally after Apple Pay integration on the 1-hour chart. Source: STEPNUSDT Tradingview

Chart from Tradingview


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