Blockchain Gaming meets DailyCoin streaming

Blockchain Gaming meets DailyCoin streaming
Blockchain Gaming meets DailyCoin streaming

My Neighbor Alice at TwitchCon 2022: Blockchain Gaming Meets Streaming

Antler Interactive’s ‘My Neighbor Alice’ marked its presence at ‘TwitchCon 2022’ in Amsterdam. This year’s TwitchCon ran from July 16th to July 17th, and enthusiasts showed up from all over the world.

Anastasia Plane, marketing manager for ChromaWay, and Lydia Erchok Ferreira, marketing manager for My Neighbor Alice, represented blockchain games at the event.

My neighbor Alice meets streamers and guilds

As the name suggests, TwitchCon centers around streamers and the general streaming culture. Due to their recent appearance in the scene, blockchain games make up an understandably small part of this, and My Neighbor Alice emerged to represent the niche.

According to the official blog post, representatives of My Neighbor Alice met with streamers and guilds.

“Compared to crypto- and NFT-themed conferences, this event featured fewer Web3 projects than we’re used to seeing. In their place, we were met by representatives offering in-game services such as streaming and analytics, as well as prominent Twitch streamers and gaming guilds, the post said.Chromia and My Neighbor Alice representatives reported that several influencers and guilds were looking to enter the P2E space, thus indicating that networking at such events could result in future collaborations.

The post ends on a positive note, saying that traditional video games and blockchain games will undoubtedly collide in the near future, giving rise to many exciting possibilities.

What is my neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a farm building game reminiscent of Animal Crossing. Players start in an archipelago called ‘Lummelunda’, where they are tasked with buying and cultivating plots of land, allowing players to develop it to their heart’s content.

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Similar to Minecraft, players must gather resources, craft items, complete daily quests, and do much more. The game places particular emphasis on social interaction and creativity.

Recently, My Neighbor Alice rolled out its own marketplace, and even announced a land sale.

On the other side

  • Considering the current pessimism pervading the crypto market, and especially the historic setback in the traditional gaming industry, it is difficult to judge how the collaboration between video games, blockchain games and streaming collision will go.

Why you should care

  • My Neighbor Alice appearing at TwitchCon represents an important step towards promoting P2E gaming in the streaming community.
  • Streaming and P2E gaming have yet to cross paths, so it remains largely untapped territory with a lot of promise.

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